Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Al Qaeda Role in Anti-Assad Uprising Increasingly Clear

Saudi Supported Salafist Seems to be Taking Over Syrian Revolt

As if to confirm claims by Damascus and Moscow, a Libyan Al Qaeda operative, Abd al-Karim Belhaj, appears to be heading the terrorist group's takeover of the Syrian revolt. He is practically based in Turkey--a full NATO member--and supported by Saudi Arabia.

The best hope for foiling his plan for turning Israel's northern neighbor into an Al Qaeda/Salafist stronghold could be a breakup of the Arab country along ethnic and religious lines.

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Endnote: The intrigue is overwhelming, even by Middle Eastern standards. According to the above-referenced article, Belhaj is a Salafist who claims to be ex-Al Qaeda, and the Saudis support him as a counter to Hezbollah. There's a military term for this: FUBAR--fouled up beyond all recognition.