Friday, May 04, 2012

China, Russia Conclude Large Joint Naval Drill

Military Exercise Conducted Within SCO Framework 

DiploNews reports on the largest Sino-Russian joint naval exercise in recent years:

China and Russia announced last week the conclusion of a six-day joint naval exercise. The exercises took place in the Yellow Sea off of China's east coast and included a live-fire stage. It focused on joint maritime air defense and the defense of marine traffic arteries, with exercises involving joint escorts, marine search and rescue operations, anti-submarine tactics and anti-hijacking tactics. China and Russia have conducted several joint military exercises since 2005 within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization….

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The View from Japan

Foreign Confidential™ analysts in Tokyo say the drills were aimed at the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia that aims to strengthen U.S. alliances across the region. Thus, the location and timing of the exercises was carefully chosen. For example, the passage of Russian warships through the Tsushima Strait between Japan and Korea was meant to send a message to Japan. The strait was the site of the key naval battle in 1905 Russo-Japanese war.

Once ridiculed by Washington, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (which grew out of the Shanghai Five mechanism) has emerged as an effective, Chinese-led counter to U.S. power and influence throughout Asia in general and Central Asia in particular. Click here to read about the New Great Game.

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