Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top German Political Leaders Threaten Greece

Greeks Again Feel Germany's Iron Heel on Their Necks

The country that gave birth to democracy is again threatened by the country that gave the world Hitler. Click here for the latest news.

Merkel isn't a fascist, of course. But her insensitive obsession with imposing austerity on France and Greece--a policy that has not worked anywhere--is ironically aiding the rise of xenophobic (anti-German as well as anti-immigrant) Greek fascism. Click here to read about Greece's neo-Nazi party and its plots.

Greece is a bellwether. Every European … and every American … who cares about democracy, stability, social justice needs to pay attention to what's happening in Athens.

Endnote:  Kostis Karpozilos, a historian of Greek-American labor radicalism, comments on the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which got seven percent of the vote, bringing it 21 parliamentary representatives:
This is its first entrance to parliament in Greek history; in 2009 it was an insignificant group of true believers with 0.3 percent of the vote. Now Golden Dawn is entitled to substantial state subsidies as a parliamentary party; one can imagine how this will enhance its vigilant paramilitary squads in the streets of Athens. These ideological offspring of Adolf Hitler gained considerable support even in communities that had suffered during the German occupation in the 1940s, attesting to the deep transformations that have occurred over the last few years, but also to the popularity of their slogans calling politicians “traitors.”