Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Greek Democracy Threatened by Neo-Nazi Rise

Renee Maltezou reports from Piraeus: "In the port … dozens of young men with shaven heads and black t-shirts packed a small room one evening to hear Golden Dawn's dream of a Greece purged of foreigners, its borders sealed with landmines." Read more.

Athens News says

The fact that polls suggest the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party … will garner somewhere between four and five percent of the vote in the Greek national elections on May 6 is indeed a cause for concern.

It will be a first for Greece. A party founded on racist principles and with a thinly veiled admiration for Adolf Hitler appears poised to make it to parliament. And the fact that it is expected to get around a dozen MPs in a parliament of 300 is not something to take lightly. Its rise is impressive, given it received 1.5 percent of the vote in a May 2011 opinion poll.

Click here to read the entire editorial. Greece's economic crisis has morphed into a political crisis--with implications for the rest of Europe.