Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seoul Says North Korea Ready to Conduct Nuclear Test

Foreign Confidential™ Says Iranian Nuclear Experts Will Observe the Explosion 

South Korea says the North has completed preparations for another nuclear test, which could happen "any time." Read more.

Another North Korean nuclear test will serve the interests of Pyongyang's partner in nuclear and missile crimes, Iran. The detonation will divert international attention away from Iran's nuclear program; and the explosion, which will be observed by Iranian nuclear experts, will provide Tehran with valuable data.

Foreign intelligence services are aware of Iran's involvement in North Korea's nuclear arms program. Yet the oil-rich mullahocracy has the nerve to still insist that its intentions are peaceful with regard to its costly pursuit of nuclear power, and. more incredibly, Iran's claims are still treated seriously by many Western politicians and pundits. Even worse, there are those who argue that it will be possible for the United States and its allies, including Israel, to "live with but never accept" a nuclear-armed Iranian regime.

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