Friday, May 18, 2012

Sierra Leone Luring Back Tourists to its Beaches

Fran Blandy reports: "Bone-white sand squeaks beneath your feet, the curved beach framed by lush forested hills, empty but for a handful of expats and intrepid tourists who have got wind of Sierra Leone's raw beauty."

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Probably offering the greatest potential in the tourism industry, the beaches along the Freetown Peninsula are breathtaking; and, because tourism is still a developing industry in Sierra Leone, the beaches are not overwhelmed with visitors. Most are still in pristine condition.

International Investors Plan Euro-Style Beach Club
and Reality TV Series to be Launched on Facebook

Foreign Confidential™ has learned that an international investor group is developing a novel plan for a European/Miami-style beach bar and restaurant in Sierra Leone and a companion, Internet-based reality TV series. The program, which would launch on Facebook, would feature a team of young entrepreneurs and deal with the challenges and rewards of creating a cool, environmentally friendly tourist business in a developing nation. The pitch to investors: they get equity in both the tourism and media properties.

More…. Click below to watch a documentary-style promotional video about a non-profit venture (no relation to the above-described Freetown project) that is developing a seasonal, socially conscious, earth-friendly community on a beautiful but remote Sierra Leone beach--a kind of eco-tourism time share experience--alongside a fishing village located 20 miles south of the capital. The Sierra Leone government is pushing eco-tourism, seeing mass tourism as essentially destructive to the environment and local communities and culture.