Saturday, May 12, 2012

UK Utility Focusing on Biomass Supply Challenge

Cutting Coal, Drax Insists on Sustainability Standards 

As EU utilities prepare to meet 20-20-20 policy targets that require companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by the year 2020, KMS Baltics provides this report:

The sustainability of biomass fuel is one of the major challenges that currently faces Drax, the operator of the UK's largest coal power plant.
That's the view of Drax Power's head of environment Nigel Burdett who claims that the sustainability of biomass as a fuel is vital as the company's sustainability policy will reject any unsustainable biomass plans.
Burdett was speaking at the Forestry, Biomass and Sustainability conference in London last week, organised by Environmental Finance Publications, where he said that there is a sufficient supply of biomass. 
However, he added that ensuring it meets rapidly evolving sustainability standards poses more of a challenge.
According to Environmental Finance, Burdett said that securing long-term supplies of biomass is currently "tough without knowing what the baseline is." 
When it comes to biomass perceptions, Burdett added that "we need common ground across Europe, if not globally."
Currently Drax estimates biomass represents a greenhouse gas saving of 85 per cent over coal, which is actually better than the 60 per cent required in the UK.

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