Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Think Tank: Iran Has Enough Uranium for Five Bombs

The Institute for Science and International Security says Iran has produced enough enriched uranium to make at least five nuclear weapons. Read more.

To recap, appeasement and engagement of Iran (attempts to actually align with the monstrous mullahocracy) and the folly of sanctions--well meaning but wishy-washy measures--have made war with the imperialist, clerical fascist regime inevitable, much as a policy of appeasement made war with Nazi Germany inevitable in the years leading up to the Second World War.  That conflict was fought on Germany's terms. Will the coming conflict with Iran be fought on its terms?

Time will tell. The notion that Israel, which Iran is bent on destroying, is somehow obligated to risk the rubbling of its cities and the resultant slaughter of masses of Israeli civilians from retaliatory Iranian and Hezbollah missile attacks defies reason. The point is worth repeating: given its presumed arsenals, Israel, if need be, can end the Iranian threat as easy as E-M-P.

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