Friday, June 22, 2012

EU Leaders Agree to Push Stimulus as Crisis Worsens

But Merkel Still Stands for Austerity During Depression 

Job Creation at Last the Rallying Cry

Good news. European leaders are apparently at last opposing overly aggressive Germany, which has been bent on forcing its weaker neighbors to accept austerity--severe spending cuts--during the worst economic crisis since the Second World War. Read more.

None dare call it imperialism? Germany's policy could be considered a form of economic imperialism as it aims to overthrow the status quo through the economic restructuring of entire nations. Pauperizing the middle and working classes, stripping them of political power, reducing them to Third World (developing/emerging nation) levels, dismantling social services for once and all, rolling back the clock to a distant, brutal time when workers could more easily be ground up, used and discarded like so much garbage or industrial waste … in the name of competitiveness … and fiscal reform … these seem to be the strategic objectives of Berlin's perfidious policy.