Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foreigners Baffled by US Health Care Controversy

Except for the United States, every civilized nation on earth, including Israel, France, the UK, and Canada, has universal health care. In contrast, America's for-profit health care system seems cruel and inhumane to citizens of those and other democracies.

Obamacare, as Republicans insist on referring to the (ironically Republican/Romney-rooted) Affordable Care Act, will help to alleviate some suffering. But the controversial law, upheld today by the U.S Supreme Court  (which has evolved into an ant-democratic, monarchial body) is basically a boon to a loathsome insurance industry that labors night and day to find ways to deny ordinary people the coverage for which they and/or their employers have paid.

Many of America's foreign friends--especially Europeans and Canadians--are baffled by the U.S. health care controversy. They understand that most Americans have long wanted universal health care in the form of national health insurance--meaning Medicare for all--and that Obamacare is at best merely a small step toward achieving this critically important goal.