Monday, June 25, 2012

Forgotten History: When Donald Duck and Goofy Were Secretly Enlisted by FDR to Counter Nazi Influence in Latin America

Click here and here to read about the CIAA--the double "A" is not an error--also known as the Rockefeller Agency, a sophisticated effort to neutralize the Nazi blueprint for dominating Latin America; and below, to view the trailer for the animated Walt Disney feature film that was part of the successful U.S. program, which specialized in pro-democracy, anti-Axis propaganda.

Postscript: Nelson Rockefeller, who was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to lead the CIAA, believed in the importance of convincing Latin Americans to accept what Rockefeller called the U.S. "credo" as set forth below:
I believe that my best interests are linked with the U.S. ... I believe that my best interests will be harmed by the Axis ... I believe that the U.S. is going to win this war, although it will be a difficult struggle ... Therefore I am supporting the U.S. and stand ready to cooperate with the Americas and to make additional personal sacrifices along with the American people so that I can help the U.S. win the war and establish a better world.
The credo should be revived and again promoted in light of today's penetration of Latin America by Hitler-admiring Islamists (aided by leftwing radicals whose all-consuming hatred of the United States leads them to make common cause with the most repressive and reactionary elements on earth--religious fanatics who, given the chance, as they proved in Iran after the overthrow of the Shah and are likely to also prove in Egypt in the coming months, will naturally slaughter the left as soon as it has outlived its usefulness to the jihad). A modern-day version of the CIAA is urgently needed.