Thursday, June 28, 2012

Greek Bank Worker Commits Suicide

German Austerity Claims Another Greek Life

German austerity claimed another life in Greece today when an agricultural bank worker plunged to his death from the Acropolis. Read more.

Germany is bent on leveraging its economic dominance of Europe into political dominance, forcing nations like Greece to surrender sovereignty to a Berlin-run economic and monetary union. Austerity-obsessed Angela Merkel is the first German chancellor since Hitler to attempt such a radical change in Germany's power relations with its neighbors--an overthrow of the status quo.

But the strategic objective extends beyond Germany. The economic and financial elites aim to restructure Europe through a massive and unprecedented upward transfer of wealth that will drive the middle classes into poverty and push the poor to the edge of extinction. The project's purpose is to strip European workers of their rights and benefits in order to bring them into line with Third World pay levels and living standards.

An iron heel is descending.

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