Sunday, June 24, 2012

Islamist Declared President of Egypt

Huge Victory for the Muslim Brotherhood 

What Obama's 'Outreach' and 'Engagement' Policies Have  Wrought: Springtime for Clerical Fascism (Rightwing Political Islam), Winter for America and Israel and Christian and Secular Muslim Arabs

Another domino falls.

Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood--the Hitler-admiring group that spawned Hamas and Al Qaeda and the assassins of Anwar Sadat--has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election. Read more.

The horrible, historic development is a foreign policy disaster for the United States that could have a negative impact on President Obama's reelection chances. There is no denying that Obama emboldened the MB and that the U.S. policy of engaging (appeasing and aligning with) the clerical fascist (Islamist) group contributed mightily to its conquest of the Arab world's most populous nation. Understandably focused on the depression and impressed by Obama's killing of Bin Laden and decimation of Al Qaeda, most Americans have not tuned into his embrace of radical (rightwing political) Islam, a policy that, in democracy's name, has facilitated the Islamist takeover of Libya, stirred up the Islamist uprising in Syria, worsened relations with Russia, and allowed Islamist Iran to come closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms.

The tip-off to what was coming--conveniently ignored by fawning media outlets--was Obama's odious outreach to organized Islam, treating a world religion as if it was a superpower, in line with Islamist ideology, which posits an Islamic nation that transcends all national and ethnic boundaries--starting with his Cairo speech to "the Muslim world," to which once-banned MB leaders were noticeably invited at U.S. insistence. Why didn't Obama, after taking office, address the Arab world, or simply visit and address Egypt and Jordan and Morocco … and Israel? Why the conceptual lumping of non-Arab Turkey with Egypt? The reasons are both clear and terribly troubling. The world's greatest democracy has cynically and stupidly become the leading force behind the most serious threat to democracy's survival since World War II and the end of the Cold War.

Obama's signature foreign policy achievement has been to make overt and respectable a discredited, decades-old, covert strategy--support for rightwing political Islam--which dates to the Eisenhower administration's backing of the Muslim Brotherhood against Nasser. Where's the outrage?

Endnote: In a very real sense, the MB's electoral victory is the culmination of Sadat's fatal embrace of the group more than 40 years ago. Himself a former MB member, Sadat used the Islamists to counter Nasserites, socialists and Communists, and was encouraged to do so by Saudi Arabia, which supported Egypt (and some of Sadat's business associates) financially. Sadat even exploited Islamic themes in the planning and conduct of the October (Yom Kippur) War of 1973--during Ramadan. The propaganda resonated with Islamized masses whose clerics had blamed Egypt's disastrous defeat in the Six-Day War of 1967 on Nasser's pan-Arab/pseudo-socialist political ideology, pro-Soviet orientation (under cover of Third World nonalignment) and fierce opposition to Islamism and Islamic fundamentalism. The "Ramadan War" nearly ended catastrophically for Egypt--Israel was prevented by the U.S. from destroying an Egyptian army--but the appearance of at least a partial victory over the hated Jewish State was seen by Islamists as heaven-sent. When Sadat stunned the world by going to Jerusalem and negotiating peace with Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin, the Islamists, including the Brotherhood and its various offshoots and affiliates, turned viciously against the Egyptian leader. Like his U.S. allies, Sadat ignored the Islamist threat until it was too late to stop it--and he paid for the mistake with his life.

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