Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Lagarde Hails Fascist-Loving Latvia as Model for Euro Zone

You can't make this stuff up….

As if to confirm the worst fears and suspicions of her critics, the IMF's austerian-in-chief, Christine Lagarde, has hailed Latvia's fascism-embracing government as a model for Europe. Read more.

Fascism has been rearing its ugly head in Latvia for many years. In July 2010, for example, a Latvian court approved a Riga March celebrating Hitler’s 1941 Invasion. Police banned the event; but it went ahead with a wreath-laying at Riga’s Liberty Monument to celebrate the Nazi army’s arrival and warm welcome. Click hereand here also … to read more.

Not since the 1960s has it been this easy to believe in a Power Elite. At the rate at which Lagarde and her anti-labor, austerity-mad cronies are managing to discredit contemporary capitalism through their zealous drive to dismantle social services and restructure whole societies, the Continent will be lucky if millions of its citizens are not soon reduced to marching in the streets for Peace, Land, Bread. Not for nothing has Nigel Farage warned of EU mass unrest and revolution.