Sunday, June 03, 2012

Opinion: On Romneyism and US National Security

Foreign Confidential™ has been sharply critical of the Obama administration's foreign policy, particularly with respect to its odious embrace of oxymoronic "moderate" radical--rightwing political--Islam, or Islamism, and allowing Iran to come closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms (after first trying to engage, or align with, the monstrous mullahocracy) and to further expand its influence in Washington's backyard, Latin America, through the strengthening of ties to the region's anti-American, leftwing regimes (including Venezuela, whose anti-Semitic strongman, Hugo Chavez, President Obama also tried to engage).

At the same time, this blog has also been sharply critical of President Bush's blunders, including his failure to destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban after 9/11 and his incredibly idiotic decision to invade and occupy Iraq, a contained secular enemy that had no weapons of mass destruction and no meaningful Islamist/Al Qaeda connections. 

John McCain's maddening support for Islamist "freedom fighters" in Libya and Syria … Samantha Power's perfidious R2P project, which she clearly hopes to eventually use against Israel … the systematic undermining of allies and emboldening of clerical fascists in the name of "democracy promotion" … covert efforts to manipulate Islamism in order to contain and maybe even crack apart China and Russia … more than 20 years after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of world Communism  … misreading the intentions of an implacable, apocalyptic enemy, Islamist Iran, and its partner in nuclear and missile crimes, Kimist North Korea … it's all bad, an ongoing foreign policy of folly and unrealism that transcends party lines as it triumphs over reason and common sense.

Which brings us to the presumed Republican Presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. While he stands for a strong national defense--he might even do something about the EMP threat that Obama, like his predecessor, has inexplicably ignored--Romney's economic policy is downright dangerous, so much so that it represents a potential threat to national security. Seriously. Setting aside his record as a wealth-creating but job-destroying private equity baron, which has nothing at all to do with wealth-, value- and job-creating entrepreneurship and venture capital investing, the first Presidential candidate known to have offshore bank accounts is ideologically opposed to stimulating the economy as a means--the only proven means--of ending the current recession/depression. Bowing to his party's right wing, he favors austerity--cutting government spending--at a time when exactly the opposite course of action is urgently needed and uses deficit fear-mongering to justify extreme GOP schemes to slash and permanently dismantle social services.

What does all this have to do with U.S. national security? Plenty. The idea that the United States can afford bad times and mass unemployment as a so-called new normal is dangerously delusional. Democracy itself could again be threatened as it was during the last depression, when the country came closer than most people might realize to being taken over by fascists or Communists. Also dangerously delusional: the notion that a frightened, increasingly hungry and homeless population will have any stomach for significant defense spending and foreign assistance, alliances and interventions, regardless of how necessary they may be (in contrast with the unnecessary Vietnam and Iraq wars).

From nuclear-arming Iran and nuclear-armed North Korea to nuclear weapons-seeking Islamist terror groups, the threats are all too real. Romneyism--a return to Hooverism--is rearing its head at an especially inopportune time.

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