Thursday, June 07, 2012

Syria Peace Plan Fails

The violence in Syria continues with no end and no viable peace plan in sight. Read more.

Comment: Syria is a disaster on the way to becoming a catastrophe, a civil war cynically stirred up by foreign powers in the the name of democracy, including the United States, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia (an absolute monarchy with no human or civil rights), and by Iran, which was bent on establishing military/missile bases in its still secular (but steadily Islamizing) Arab ally in order to facilitate the monstrous mullahocracy's mad ambition of annihilating Israel. Syria's so-called Arab Spring uprising quickly turned into an armed revolt (as was the case in Libya, where Islamists, including openly Al Qaeda-connected killers, have come to power with NATO's help). Not surprisingly, Russia, which has long been allied with Syria, feels menaced, given its internal Islamist threat (which Washington has largely ignored) and location--i.e. driving distance from Damascus. 

The U.S. and Russia should have worked this out months ago; Russian cooperation with regard to nuclear-arming Iran is extremely important. A way should have been found to ease Assad out of power, or at least to reduce his power and contain him, and to prevent Iran from taking advantage of the situation, while also allowing Russia to keep its naval installation at Tartus and compensating Russian firms for $1 billion in annual arms sales to Syria (after their loss of $4 billion in annual arms sales to Libya). 

A politically neutral Syria, comprised of autonomous provinces, or cantons, divided roughly along ethnic and religious lines … strong support for secular opposition elements … why hasn't any of this been on the table or on the news agendas of Western media outlets that have mainly served as mouthpieces for those pushing for yet another "humanitarian intervention?"