Friday, June 22, 2012

Syria's Fate, Russia's Fear: Analysis

Turkey and the West are backing a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Syria, which is increasingly likely to split along sectarian lines. At the end of the day, Russia will accept an ethnically divided Syria rather than allow it to become a springboard for Islamist penetration of Russia itself. Read more.

The East is a tricky place. But Washington appears to have learned nothing from the horrific blowback of its massive, covert intervention in Afghanistan, which, along with aiding and allowing the Islamist takeover of Iran, unleashed the clerical fascist monster that is rightwing political Islam. The author of the above-referenced analysis is spot-on--but diplomatic. Given the way events have unfolded, Moscow must believe that Washington remains wedded to its decades-old policy of trying to manipulate Islamism in order to contain and arguably crack apart Russia (and China).

The Obama administration has clearly and effectively embraced Islamism while decimating Al Qaeda and killing its notorious leader, Osama Bin Laden, a man who might never have amounted to anything, politically, but for America's secret war in Afghanistan--the largest-ever covert operation in U.S. history. Apart from AQ and its best known affiliates, all other Islamist groups and governments are considered OK to "engage" (appease and align with) by an administration that is ironically regarded as "progressive" by its admirers  and leftwing by its critics.

There is nothing progressive about rightwing political Islam. "Moderate" radical Islam is a deadly oxymoron. Fascism is fascism is fascism. Shame on the Democratic administration and on Republican politicians, like John McCain, who persist in stupidly referring to fascists as "freedom fighters." The U.S. debases itself--and insults the memory of all those who perished in the Second World War battling to defeat fascism or as innocent victims of the Nazi-fascist murder machine--by backing a modern-day Hitlerian menace that aims to enslave humanity and, with that objective in mind, will not rest until it brings about America's destruction and the destruction of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

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