Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Terrible Choice in 2012

American voters, and American Jewish voters in particular, face a terrible choice this November--between Hooverism and Islamism, that is to say, between an apparent champion of rightwing economic policy and a proven backer of rightwing political Islam. 

Rightwing economic policy--austerity amid recession, slashing social services under cover of fiscal reform, reducing the wages and benefits of workers and stripping them of their rights in the name of global competitiveness--threatens to drive the middle class into poverty and to grind the poor into dust.

Rightwing political Islam aims to enslave humanity and to physically destroy the United States and Israel through terrorism, subversion--and atomic arms. Tiny Israel is a one-bomb country; the huge United States is incredibly vulnerable to sea-based nuclear missile attacks on its coastal cities and to an EMP strike that could overnight plunge the superpower back into the early 19th century by wiping out the U.S. electrical grid and communication systems. Experts estimate that 90% of the U.S. population would perish from the effects of the prolonged blackout--including lack of food, drinking water, medicine and heat--which would go on for years, maybe even decades.

There is no known defense against an EMP attack--or a ballistic missile attack on a city--launched from a seemingly civilian cargo ship. The Obama administration, like the Bush administration, has inexplicably ignored the threat.

Obama can claim credit for killing Bin Laden and decimating Al Qaeda. But the President has narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda and certain of its affiliates while engaging (appeasing and attempting to align with) practically all other Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood--which Obama helped to come to power in Egypt--and allowing Islamist Iran to come closer than ever to developing nuclear weapons. Thanks in large measure to his policy, the three biggest military powers in the Middle East--except for Israel, which the leaders of these countries would like to wipe out--are now ruled by Islamists. Of course, the reference is to Turkey, Iran, and Egypt. Turkey's military, traditional guardian of the country's secular system, appears to have been neutralized--the process began during the Bush administration, when the men in uniform were warned by Washington against any attempt to save the nation--and it is probably just a matter of time before Egypt's junta is dismantled and the Egyptian military is brought under Muslim Brotherhood control through a combination of purges, infiltration and indoctrination, and attrition. According to Obama, Turkey is an established, model Islamocracy; Egypt, an emerging model; and Iran's Islamic system merely needs to be reformed, not smashed. Catastrophe looms. 

 So, with all that in mind, which will it be--pick your poison--a vote for Hooverism or a vote for Islamism?

Endnote: The only hope, assuming Romney is elected, which is a reasonable assumption given the level of voter dissatisfaction over Obama's failure to revive the economy, is that the ultra-rich, Republican flip-flopper--arguably the most unprincipled U.S. politician ever to run for President--will betray his rightwing, austerity-obsessed supporters and move much more toward the middle of the road in order to prevent the utter ruination of the national and world economies.

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