Thursday, July 12, 2012

Columnist Asks: Can Diplomacy Succeed With Iran, Syria?

Click here to read the column in the Washington Post.

This reporter's view: there is still time for diplomacy to succeed with Syria--meaning, make a deal with Russia and China in order to end the bloodshed and prevent sectarian cleansing in Syria--but not with Iran. In fact, sitting down with Russia and China on Syria could prevent the coming conflict with Iran from being fought on its terms--which could be catastrophic for the United States and Israel and other U.S. allies.

Syria could and should be split into autonomous cantons under a politically neutral federal state with compensation to Russian firms for loss of $1 billion in annual arms sales and assured maintenance of Moscow's Tartus naval facility.

But Iran is another story. There is no diplomatic solution to the problem of a rising, clerical fascist power that is bent on overturning the status quo, starting with destroying Israel and driving the United States from the Middle East. Iran cannot be appeased, just as Nazi Germany could not be appeased--its imperialist foreign policy was not driven by the need to obtain this or that piece of land, contrary to what European and American appeasers and traitors preached in the years leading up to World War II--and containment will be impossible if the Islamist regime is, God forbid, allowed to acquire atomic arms.