Monday, July 09, 2012

Egypt's Islamist President Defies Army

Push Coming to Shove? 

A showdown looms in Egypt. The Islamist President has ordered the country's recently dissolved parliament to reconvene on Tuesday. Read more

If the Islamists win this round it will be the first big, post-election step on the long march toward remaking the Egyptian military in the Muslim Brotherhood's image. Following the Turkish model (which the Obama administration has hailed), the MB plans to purge generals, arrest and accuse officers of plotting coups, install political commissars and spies, etc. until the group's goal is achieved--an Islamized military. 

Egypt's intelligence services are slated for cleansing and remaking, as well; and, assuming it can hold onto power, the MB may also copy a page from Islamist Iran's Hitlerian playbook and create an elite, SS/IRGC-like force--and a parallel paramilitary organization--above the regular army. Egypt is on the way to becoming to another Iran, owing in large measure to the Obama administration's odious policy of engaging (appeasing and collaborating with) radical (rightwing political) Islam, apart, of course, from  Al Qaeda and its affiliates. 

Cairo is the new Tehran--and Obama is the new Carter.

Endnote: The Islamists have won in Egypt. But, just as the Nazis in Germany had their internal conflicts, their left and right wings, the Egyptian Islamists are divided between the MB and the openly pro-Al Qaeda Salafists, as this article explains. An important, overlooked point: Saudi Arabia supports the Salafists, seeing the bearded fanatics as ultimately more pliable because, unlike the MB, they are not wedded to the parliamentary structures and Islamic republic concepts that the Saudi rulers regard as threatening (for good reason).