Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greek Government Promises to Boost Piratization

Like shock and awe, austerity is working for the financial elite that is bent on privatizing--code for piratizing--the public sector. Read more.

Greece is merely a test case, an example of what lies in store for the rest of Europe if the austerians, led by the German chancellor, are not stopped. The outline of their project has been clear for a while: a massive economic … and political … restructuring of European societies, including an unprecedented upward transfer of wealth that will further enrich the elites, permanently pauperize the middle and working classes and more or less exterminate the poor. The power that organized labor still has (much more in Europe than in the United States, where unions have almost been eliminated) is slated for crushing in order to create conditions closer to those found in developing nations. All this is being done under the twin banners of fiscal reform and global competitiveness.