Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney Under Fire for Lying About Bain Exit Date

Mitt Romney, the offshoring candidate with offshore bank accounts, is again under fire--this time, for lying to the American people. His controversial private equity firm's filings with the SEC say that he stayed on years longer than he has led people to believe as sole owner, CEO and chairman of the firm, Bain Capital. The Romney campaign counters that the filings are mere technicalities. Baloney. Anyone who knows anything about securities law and reporting to the SEC understands the importance of such filings--and the potential consequences for making misleading or false statements. Full disclosure is the bedrock principle of U.S. securities law. Read more.

In fairness to Romney, he might have assumed that as a cleric (a bishop in the Mormon church) he effectively had a license to lie. Many clerics of all organized religions believe that they are empowered by the Almighty to lie (and commit crimes) in order to achieve a greater good or fulfill a divine plan.

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