Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taliban Running Parallel Disinformation and Terror Offensives


The clerical fascist (Islamist) Taliban, a movement that should have been annihilated after 9/11 by any and all means necessary (including use of tactical nuclear weapons), appears to be conducting parallel disinformation and terror offensives. On the one hand, an anonymous Taliban "leader" is condemning Al Qaeda, calling it a "plague," and conceding--clearly for Western consumption--that Afghanistan's medieval monsters are not capable of recapturing the country's capital. On the other hand, the Islamist group, which was created by Pakistan, is carrying out gruesome public executions, such as the shooting to death of a 22-year-old Afghan woman accused of adultery (considered a crime under barbaric Islamic law). Read more.

The Taliban leader's reported comments are certainly suspicious. Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe the interview with the barbarian was staged to support Washington's perfidious policy of engagement (code for collaboration and appeasement). The Obama administration and its European allies are committed to aligning with the Taliban, which harbored and aided Al Qaeda before and after 9/11, and practically all Islamist groups, apart from Al Qaeda and its closest affiliates. Sunni Islamism is in favor in Washington; Shiite Islamism (Iranian regime and Hezbollah) is out of favor--for now. The Obama administration has no real interest in an Iranian revolution that would sweep away the clerical fascist filth for once and all; instead, Obama and his advisers are aiming for Iranian reform--meaning, a new and improved Islamist system run by so-called moderate mullahs. Under Obama (of "the Muslim World") the United States has become the world's leading backer of oxymoronic moderate radical (rightwing political) Islam.