Friday, August 03, 2012

AJC to EU: Put Hezbollah on Terrorism List

For several years, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has urged that Hezbollah be placed on the EU terrorism list, following the decision, with AJC's strong encouragement, to add Hamas. Both groups are on the U.S. terrorism list.

To date, despite widespread support, the effort has been stymied by one EU member state or another claiming that Hezbollah is also a political party and thus should be treated differently.

The recent terrorist attack in Bulgaria, an EU member state, following earlier Hezbollah attempts in a range of countries, should end any remaining illusion about the true nature of Hezbollah--and why the EU should take action now.

Those are precisely the points made by Daniel Schwammenthal, director of AJC's Brussels-based Transatlantic Institute, in his important Wall Street Journal op-ed that was published today. Click here to read the essay.