Thursday, September 13, 2012

Al Qaeda Killed US Ambassador: Exclusive Report

Al Qaeda assassins killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and his three diplomatic staff members in a carefully planned and coordinated attack on his compound. Click here for the exclusive report.

Foreign Confidential™ comment: Libya is a disaster--made in America. There was no reason to intervene in the Arab country, where Islamists had been thoroughly suppressed. True, the Libyan dictator was a lunatic with buckets of American and European blood on his hands. But he was completely contained and cooperating closely with U.S. and British  intelligence in the war against Al Qaeda and its affiliates; and the West had cut a deal with him that had ended his terrorist sponsorship and weapons of mass destruction development. There was no reason to betray him and his Western-educated son and heir apparent. The intervention and stirring up of a so-called Arab Spring uprising was not motivated by revenge or a suddenly felt need on the part of Washington to bring the despot to justice for his past crimes.

No reason at all to intervene … except for a perfidious foreign policy that supports oxymoronic "moderate" radical (rightwing political) Islam in democracy's name.