Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Egypt, Iran Spies Meet Secretly: Report

Fears that a New Terrorist Axis is Forming

More signs of blowback from the Obama administration's backing of radical (rightwing political) Islam--more specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood Click here to read the article by Bill Gertz, one of the best reporters in Washington.

Few Americans realize what's happened. While decimating Al Qaeda with drone and commando strikes, the administration has supported the MB, the Sunni clerical fascist group that (a) spawned Al Qaeda and (b) has shown a remarkable ability to bridge Islam's Sunni-Shiite theological divide in order to advance the global jihadist cause. The decades-old, covert policy of trying to manipulate Islamism that led to Jimmy Carter's betrayal and abandonment of Iran's pro-American Shah and the Carter-Reagan secret war in Afghanistan, and, ultimately, also, to the horrific blowback of 9/11 is no longer a secret. U.S. foreign policy is now overtly pro-Islamist. Incredibly, Islamism and overlapping branches of organized, fundamentalist Islam are basically regarded by the administration as constituting a force, or wave, that is both unstoppable and essentially progressive--in the way that some members of previous generations of Americans and Europeans once viewed fascism and Stalinism as invincible and in sync with history's forward march.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. But Islamism is alive and well and gaining across the Middle East and Central Asia, owing in large measure to the dangerously misguided foreign policy of the United States.

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