Saturday, September 29, 2012

Iran Paper Says US, UK, 'Zionists' Spread Homosexuality

(Goose)stepped-up, Nazi-like rhetoric from one of the monstrous mullahocracy's main media outlets--click here for the story.

This is the regime that U.S. President Obama sought to "engage"--code for appease and align with in order to pacify the Middle East and Central Asia. When the perfidious attempt at a Grand Bargain entered in utter failure, Obama turned to Islamist-led Turkey, whose leaders dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire, as a counter to Iran's imperialist drive. The entire effort allowed Iran to continue its atomic advance; as a result, the regime is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear arms power. 

Regardless of how one feels about Mitt Romney's economic policies, there is no denying that Obama has pursued a pro-Islamist foreign policy that has resulted in the Islamist conquests of Libya and Egypt--the abandonment and betrayal of Mubarak recalls Carter's catastrophic abandonment and betrayal of the Iranian Shah--and now threatens to also put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Syria.