Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Libya Update: US Envoy Killed by Islamists


An American ambassador was killed by Libyan Islamists--on 9/11. Read more.



Will the United States retaliate--or apologize to the killers?

The question is far from rhetorical. In a real sense, the State Department did apologize to the attackers.

WTF? Understand, as President Obama has a habit of saying, that U.S. foreign policy is pro-Islamist. The U.S. and its NATO allies needlessly intervened in Libya--on the side of an Islamist-led uprising that included outright Al Qaeda supporters. The U.S. also emboldened the Islamists--meaning, the Muslim Brotherhood--to overthrow Egypt's peace-preserving, pro-American President Hosni Mubarak, an Arab leader who cooperated closely in the fight against Islamist terrorism. And the U.S. also instigated and inflamed the Syrian uprising; clearly, the strategic objective has been to install a Muslim Brotherhood "Islamic democracy" in Damascus.

No wonder U.S. relations with Russia (driving distance from the Syrian border) and China (struggling with its own Islamist problem) are so poor so many years after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of both the Soviet Union and the international Communist threat. Washington's catastrophic policy of trying to ride the Islamist tiger without being devoured by it--a policy inherited from the cynical British, masters of manipulation--is unfortunately alive and well under the political cover provided by the killing of Bin Laden and the decimation of Al Qaeda, the only Islamist group, apparently, with which the Obama administration is not prepared to diplomatically engage (code for collaboration).

The perfidious, pro-Islamist policy also benefits from the continuing economic crisis--effectively, a managed depression--which understandably distracts the beat-down electorate, especially the vanishing middle class that normally pays more attention to national security issues.

Postscript: President Obama condemned the attack; but he didn't utter the obligatory, empty promise to bring the perpetrators to justice. Libya's governing body, however, issued a statement that both condemned the attack and vowed to track down the killers.

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