Friday, September 28, 2012

New Hitler's Top Press Aide Arrested in Iran

Regime Infighting Continues 

The maniac-in-chief's top press aide has reportedly been detained in Iran to begin serving a six-month jail sentence  for daring to suggest that Islamic law does not require women to (barbarically) cloak themselves from head to toe. Read more.

Appeasers and Quislings in the West will try to make something of the incident and similar arrests of people close to Ahmadinejad by the turban-topped monsters. In fact, the infighting is meaningless from Western and secular Iranian perspectives. The Iranian regime has its factions and internal conflicts and rivalries. But so did the Nazis. After HItler came to power, he wiped out the left wing of the Nazi party--the faction that took the "socialist" in National Socialist a little too seriously.

The mullohocracy must go. The civilized world cannot co-exist with a clerical fascist country that muses openly about "a world without America and Zionism."

Endnote: In fact, the mad mullahs should never have been allowed to take power in Iran in the first place. The world is still paying the price for the Carter administration's cowardly betrayal and abandonment of Iran's pro-Western, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and pathetic attempt to engage the Islamist revolutionaries and its evil Ayatollah--whom Carter believed to be a "man of faith" capable of compassion and spiritual feeling. (Not for nothing did Carter's UN envoy, Andy Young, predict that Khomeini would one day be hailed as "a saint.")