Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sierra Leone Removes Iranian Ships from Register

Sierra Leone is supporting sanctions by removing Iranian vessels from the West African nation's shipping register. Read more.

Foreign Confidential™ comment: Foreign-flagged Iranian ships are more than troublesome; they are menacing--potential security threats. Not for nothing have Iran and its partner in proliferation, North Korea, jointly test-fired ballistic missiles from cargo vessels. They could be used to attack coastal cities in the United States and Israel. A nuclear missile fired from a seemingly civilian ship could also be used to launch an EMP attack. Thousands of freighters approach U.S. coastal waters daily; there is no known defense against a missile fired from such a ship. Google Scud-in-a-bucket and canister launch; or search Foreign Confidential™ for archived articles about the threat that Congressional commissions have long warned about but successive U.S. administrations have inexplicably ignored.

Sierra Leone, a developing nation that is recovering from a long and especially horrific civil war--a genuine African success story attracting international investment in mining, agriculture, renewable energy, and infrastructure--deserves considerable credit and praise for stepping up its cooperation with the United States and the international community with regard to the Iranian nuclear problem. Sierra Leone--a country that merits strong support on many levels. Well done!