Sunday, September 16, 2012

Understanding Obama's Pro-Islamist Policy

What must be said….

1. President Obama and his advisors and fawning press and pundits cite his attacks on Al Qaeda and killing of AQ chief Osama Bin Laden as proof of the President's toughness. In fact, these military successes have masked--provided political cover--for an utterly failed and perfidious policy of appeasing and attempting to engage (align with) radical (rightwing political) Islam, or Islamism, a clerical fascist creed that threatens all non-Muslims and all secular Muslims throughout the world. From the rulers of Shiite Iran and its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, to the Sunni Taliban, Egypt's ruling Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and its various branches, including Hamas, the leaders of the Sunni uprisings in Tunisia, Libya and Syria, and the Sunni regime in Turkey, which aims to revive the Ottoman Empire, all Islamist governments and groups are regarded by the Obama administration as potential partners and allies. This overt support for supposed moderate--as compared with Al Qaeda--Islamism is truly shocking and dangerous, particularly in light of the lessons of 9/11--a horrific blowback from decades of covert backing for Islamist organizations and warlords. [EDITOR'S NOTE: America's UN ambassador, Susan Rice, lied to TV viewers Sunday when she asserted that the Libyan revolution had been "hijacked by extremists" and that the attack on the diplomatic compound in Libya that killed the American ambassador to the Arab country was "spontaneous." The attack was professionally planned and executed; the revolution, which would never have succeeded without Western (U.S./NATO) intervention, was from the start led by Islamists with the backing of the Obama administration. Rice also defended the outrageous State Department apology for the idiotic, amateurish video that has served as a pretext for the regional Al Qaeda/Islamist uprising.]

2. Obama came to power committed to "engaging" Iran. Rejecting regime change, he tried to strike a Grand Bargain with the monstrous mullahocracy to pacify the Middle East and Central Asia; but the atomic ayatollah and his missile-mad mullahs rebuffed Obama. The policy backfired; the totalitarian Iranian regime crushed its internal opposition; and Iran is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear armed power. Sanctions have not stopped the regime's atomic advance, which is actually accelerating.

3. Obama misread--and persists in misreading--Iran's intentions. His failure in this regard recalls the failure of the European powers to correctly read Hitler's intentions in the years leading up to World War II. Hitler could not be satisfied with territorial concessions; he sought world domination. Iran is similarly imperialist; it aims to overthrow the status quo, or power relations among nations, by destroying both the United States and Israel. Expulsion of the U.S. from the region is merely a near-term goal; the long-term, strategic objective of Iranian foreign policy is a "world without America and Zionism."

Endnote: It must also be said--on the eve of the Jewish New Year--that there are people inside and around the Obama administration who consider Israel's very establishment to have been a mistake. These individuals regard Islamism as pliable and useful and in sync with history's "moral arc." Israel, the reborn Jewish state--thriving, against all odds--and Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, which successfully solved the problem of Jewish political homelessness, are considered by such officials and advisers as at best anachronisms to be tolerated. At worst, they long for Israel's step-by-step dismantlement, or sudden destruction, and effectively--functionally--aid and make common cause with the enemies of the Jewish people who work night and day to complete Hitler's genocidal project.