Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Car Bombs Kill at Least 40 in Aleppo

Mass murder and terrorism in the name of freedom. Read more.

Foreign Confidential™ comment: The despotic Syrian regime was contained, stopped from allowing Iran to establish nuclear and missile bases in the Arab country that borders Israel and has never made peace with the Jewish State. So what was the U.S. rationale behind supporting and perhaps even stirring up an Islamist uprising in Syria? What was the thinking behind backing an insurrection that threatens to turn a still secular (but steadily Islamizing) Arab nation into another Muslim Brotherhood outpost--a revolt that has already made the country a magnet for Al Qaeda killers while worsening U.S. relations with Russia, Syria's longtime ally, which understandably fears Islamist encroachment, at precisely the time when Moscow's cooperation with Washington with regard to the Iranian nuclear threat could be crucial? Nothing about this bloody mess makes sense.