Monday, October 22, 2012

France Aiming to Use Drones Against Al Qaeda in Northern Mali

More proof--over here--that Al Qaeda is far from dead, has merely been degraded, not decimated, as claimed by the Obama administration--which has used drone strikes on the terrorist group and the killing of its leader, Osama Bin Laden, to mask a pro-Islamist foreign policy.

Foreign Confidential™ has learned that the ECOWAS-member nations of West Africa are preparing to cooperate with France in order to crush the Islamist/Al Qaeda groups controlling northern Mali--an aggregation that includes local religious fanatics, Ansar Eddine, and the Mouvement pour l’unicité et le jihad en Afrique de l’Ouest. The Islamist groups, which are allied with the Algerian-run Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Nigeria's Boko Haram, are minting money from smuggling drugs, weapons, and people.