Monday, October 15, 2012

Islamists Gaining Arms in Syria

Big Blow to Obama Strategy

Step by step, Syria is following the Libyan script for an Islamist takeover … made in the West. Read more

It didn't have to be this way. Right after 9/11, the Bush administration blew an opportunity to turn the Assad regime away from Iran--which should have been subjected to massive aerial attacks resulting in the destruction of the Islamist regime. More recently, once the Islamist insurrection in Syria threatened to get out of hand, the Obama administration should have sought Russian cooperation for the creation of a federal--and politically neutral--Syrian state comprised of autonomous cantons, divided roughly along ethnic and religious lines, with international security guarantees, assured maintenance of Russia's naval facility at Tartus and compensation to Russian arms firms for loss of business (following loss of business in Libya as a result of the needless intervention there by the United States and NATO under so-called humanitarian cover). 

From allowing Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden and Taliban head Mullah Omar and their most senior commanders to flee Afghanistan and needlessly invading Iraq, a contained secular enemy with no weapons of mass destruction, to the intervention in Libya, which was not only contained but an actual  asset in the war against AQ and radical Islam, the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which resulted in the overthrow of the peace-preserving, pro-Western Mubarak regime--an American ally for three decades--and the destructive, dangerous meddling in Syria, again, on "humanitarian" grounds, American foreign policy is a disastrous … potentially catastrophic … mess.