Monday, October 08, 2012

UAE Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Threat

The UAE is waking up … big-time … to the Muslim Brotherhood threat. Read more.

But the Muslim Brotherhood, fountainhead of Islamic clerical fascism, is backed by the Obama administration. Will the Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, explain the twisted--perfidious--pro-Islamist policy to the American people? Under cover of attacking Al Qaeda--which is rising in Libya and Syria, thanks to the administration's interventions and meddling--and killing its leader, the administration is installing Islamist regimes, spreading Islamism in democracy's name. Will Romney expose this--will he make the case--in the next, foreign policy-focused Presidential debate?

Postscript: This reporter predicts President Obama will do much better in his next encounter with the GOP challenger because foreign policy--promoting political Islam, specifically--is Obama's real passion. It was never about the economy, stupid, after all.