Sunday, October 14, 2012

Will Romney Attack Obama's Pro-Islamist Policy?

The next Presidential campaign debate is scheduled to take place this Tuesday night. Will Republican candidate Mitt Romney clearly and unequivocally condemn and explain President Obama's pro-Islamist foreign policy?

One hopes Romney will do exactly that--if not now, when?

It's not enough to simply say, for example, that Obama undermined Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, an American ally for three decades who aided the fight against Al Qaeda and preserved the peace with Israel. Romney must make the point that the Obama administration allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood and emboldened its overthrow of the Mubarak regime in line with the administration's narrowing of the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda alone, for all practical purposes, and a policy of supporting so-called moderate Islamism--akin to backing and believing in moderate fascism during World War II or moderate Stalinism during the Cold War.

Similarly, it's not enough to argue that Obama "led from behind"--was a follower instead of a leader--in Libya.  Not when the intervention in the Arab nation was unnecessary in the first place. Not given the  intervention's outcome--destruction of a country and replacement of a seemingly crazy--but clearly contained--secular dictator with whom the West, rightly or wrongly, had made an important deal and, as part of that deal, had been turned into a valuable asset in the anti-Al Qaeda/anti-Islamist struggle.

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The straight line from Obama’s Libya policy of empowering Islamists to the Benghazi massacre is rarely discussed. Maybe it would be clearer if the Republican establishment had not ardently supported Obama’s war against Libya. Maybe it would be clearer if Romney and Ryan stopped sounding nearly as delusional about the “Arab Spring” as Obama and Biden do. Maybe it would be clearer if Romney and Ryan stopped talking about reprising the Libya debacle in Syria, joined at the hip to what they call “our ally Turkey” — Hamas’s new sugar daddy and staunchest defender. It would surely be welcome if the GOP ticket started diagnosing “spring fever” instead of manifesting its symptoms. 
In Benghazi, we see the wages of the disease. The pathogen was not a video. Want to know why our people were left unprotected and why mounds of intelligence foreshadowing peril were ignored? Don’t look to Obama’s vice president, look to Obama’s policy.