Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza-Based Rocket Attacks Presage Plot to 'Burn Tel Aviv'

What the moral-equivalency-obsessed media are overlooking regarding the Gaza-based rocket attacks on Israel, including the rocket that reached the outskirts of Tel Aviv: non-Arab Iran's Islamist Palestinian Arab proxies are sending a  message--a deadly demonstration of what Israel would face on a much larger scale should the Jewish State and/or the United States decide to attack Iran's menacing nuclear and missile installations.

Not for nothing have Iran and Hitlerian Hezbollah amassed arsenals of ballistic missiles, repeatedly vowed to "burn Tel Aviv," etc.

Not for nothing have Iran and North Korea developed and test-fired cargo ship-based ballistic missile firing systems.

Not for nothing have Iran's SS-like Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commanders threatened to engage the U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico.

Adolf Hitler dreamed of destroying New York City with missile strikes.

Saddam Hussein proved that an enemy of Israel could rain rockets down on it--and get away with the war crime.

Clerical fascist Iran's atomic ayatollah and maniac-in-chief are preparing their missiles, developing their warheads with two targets in mind: Israel and America.

There is no diplomatic solution to this problem. The way to peace in the Middle East runs through Tehran--the monstrous mullahocracy must go. End it before it ends us.