Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hamas Aiming High in Aerial War

The Gaza-based, Iran-backed, Islamist terrorist group believes it has sufficient strength and support to demand an end to the Israeli blockade, which, Israel fears, would open the floodgates for full-scale, Hezbollah-like armament. Read more.

Iran and its secular ally, Syria, could not be happier with the conflict, as it diverts international attention  away from Iran's atomic advance and Syria's massacre of civilians.

The Hamas-Gaza mini-war also again illustrates Israel's self-defense dilemma. On the one hand, Israel cannot tolerate missiles raining down on its territory--no nation can. On the other hand, reacting with air strikes invariably leads to civilian deaths in enemy territory, which, in the age of instant international communications and nonstop media coverage--from 24/7 satellite/cable news to opinion-shaping social media--could have serious political ramifications. Imagine a full-blown war with Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas (with or without Syria). Israel would have to resort to World War II rules of engagement. But it's one thing to threaten to flatten, say, a village that is the source of missile strikes; another, to make good on the threat--on TV and YouTube.

It would be a gross understatement to say that Israel is in a difficult position. Borderline impossible is more like it. But Israel and the Zionist movement that founded and built the State have historically specialized in the impossible. No Harvard MBA, no private equity emperor or Wall Street investment banker of the sort that nowadays dominates the financial sphere, could have ever predicted, would have ever financed or invested in, the Jewish State.

It will not fall. It will not fail. It will prevail--and thrive. For the people of Israel … and the Jewish people the world over … there is no alternative. Ein breira!

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