Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Leaked to AP: proof Iran is focused on a nuclear weapon more than three times as powerful as the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. 

Iran is the new Nazi Germany, a totalitarian power pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--that is, a policy aimed at overthrowing the status quo, or power relations among nations. The lesson of the run-up to World War II is that such a power cannot be appeased. Appeasement of a rising imperialist country does not prevent war; instead, the policy makes war inevitable--on the enemy's terms. 

Must history repeat? 

No. It should not even rhyme

Tehran's turbaned tyranny--a clerical fascist regime installed with the help of the catastrophic Carter administration (an inept President and a ruthless National Security Adviser bent on cynically manipulating rightwing political Islam regardless of the consequences to civilized humanity)--should never have been allowed to get this close to possessing the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. 

What is to be done?

Where is the outrage?