Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ruinous Wars Seem to be Ending as Sex Scandals

Unnecessary Conflicts that Turned Troops and Diplomats 

into Cannon Fodder Turn Generals into Tabloid Fodder

ALL IN: Scandal spreads, Pentagon probes, public puzzled by surging headlines.

The real dirt! Shocking but true! Read all about it.

The forgotten back story: the unnecessary Iraq intervention wrecked a contained country, ruined the United States (and the Republican Party) and created a de facto Iranian satellite. The unnecessary land war in Afghanistan--Al Qaeda and the Taliban should have been aerially obliterated within hours or days of 9/11 by any and all means necessary--had no chance of ending well given CNN rules of engagement, idiotic "nation building" and, above all, Washington's refusal to destroy the enemy's cross-border sanctuaries in Pakistan, the (nuclear armed) nation that invented and sustained the Taliban and aided and sheltered Al Qaeda and its chief. The unnecessary Libya intervention--on the side of Islamists--has proved to be a blessing for Al Qaeda and its sympathizers, including groups in Syria that were apparently receiving Libyan arms with covert American and Turkish assistance before the massacre of four Americans in Benghazi, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya. 

Soldiers stabbed in the back … Americans slain in the dark … not to worry! A strange sex scandal (a celebrated general's bizarre biographer-mistress sends harassing emails to a socialite who was the recipient of thousands of "inappropriate" emails from another general) promises to produce what America apparently needs most--another reality TV show. Already, agents (the Hollywood kind) must be drooling, contracts must be drawing, producers must be pitching….