Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Confined by Conflict to His Damascus Palace, 

Desperate, Demented Dictator Clings to Power

Islamist Iran's beleaguered, secular Arab ally is threatening to massacre his own people with chemical weapons. Read more.

Syria is a nightmarish flashpoint for regional--and, possibly, even, global--conflict. Again, Washington cynically sought to ride the Arab Spring/Islamist tiger without being eaten by it. But the civil war that ensued is incredibly complex with multiple powers and factions trying to take or preserve power, including Syria's traditional ally, Russia, which is still seething over the loss of Libya to Russian arms sellers; the turbaned tyranny in Iran, which had high hopes for establishing missile and nuclear bases in Syria; the Muslim Brotherhood, which has for decades dreamed of taking power in Damascus; NATO-member Turkey, which, under so-called moderate Islamist leadership, is aiming to restore the Ottoman Empire; Saudi Arabia, which is out to stop Iran's imperialist drive; Qatar, which is intriguing on several levels; and Al Qaeda, which is exploiting the chaos to the maximum possible extent. The terrorist group  responsible for 9/11 has not been "decimated," contrary to the repeated, ridiculous claim by the Obama administration. Al Qaeda has merely been degraded. Events in Syria … and Libya … and Egypt … another nightmare at least partially made in Washington … have played into Al Qaeda's murderous hands.