Saturday, December 08, 2012

No Consolation: Iran ICBM Development Thwarted

Iran's ICBM quest has reportedly been hampered and slowed by sanctions and lack of cooperation from China and Russia. Read more.

Of course, there is little reason to celebrate. The main point to consider is that Iran is striving to develop these monstrous weapons in the first place, that Iran's intentions are imperialistic and therefore threatening to its neighbors and to the entire civilized world. Like Nazi Germany in its time, clerical fascist (Islamist) Iran is bent on overthrowing the status quo (power relations among nations) and achieving genocidal aims tied to plans for regional and even global dominance.

Intentions is the key concept. The prewar European powers misread Germany's intentions, and appeasement of Germany made war inevitable--on Germany's terms. Similarly, appeasement and so-called engagement policies--i.e. the Obama administration's utterly failed attempt to enter into a Grand Bargain with Iran--are making war with Iran inevitable. On Iranian terms.