Friday, December 28, 2012

North Korea Probably Preparing Third Nuclear Test

Fresh on the heels of its illicit ICBM test, the world's worst regime, which the so-called international community has appeased and accommodated for decades, is probably preparing to again detonate a nuclear device. Read more.

Iranian scientists and military and intelligence offers, some of whom might have been on hand for the missile launch, will surely observe the nuclear test.

That an impoverished criminal regime can repeatedly defy the international community makes a mockery of the very term--international community. That this country can also deceive the United States is mind boggling.

Nuclear armed North Korea, which is allied with and aided by nuclear arming, Islamist Iran, is a serious national security threat. Not for nothing have the two rogues developed and tested cargo ship-based ballistic missile launch systems. A freighter flying a flag of convenience can be used to strike a U.S. coastal city with a nuclear weapon and/or to launch a missile with a nuclear warhead timed to detonate high above the country's mid-section in order to wipe out all electronic and communication systems and devices in an EMP attack. Thousands of  civilian ships approach U.S. coastal waters on a daily basis; there is no known homeland defense against a ship-to-shore missile.