Monday, December 10, 2012

Russia Remains Loyal to Assad

Moscow will not cooperate with Washington's regime change plans for Syria. Read more.

Say what you will, Russia at least remains loyal to its allies. In sharp contrast, the United States under Carter betrayed and abandoned the Shah, and, more recently, under Obama, did the same to Mubarak. In both cases, the craven and cynical attempts to jump aboard the Islamist bandwagon boomeranged. Iran, which for decades was an important U.S. ally, became an implacable enemy; and Egypt, which cooperated closely in the war on radical Islam and for three decades preserved the peace with Israel, is on the way to turning into another Iran. The U.S. is reduced to praising Cairo's clerical fascist despot for allegedly restraining his movement's Gaza branch, Hitlerian Hamas, in its recent missile strikes on Israel--a mini-war that was a rehearsal of sorts for the genocidal conflict that Iran's atomic ayatollah plans to one day launch.