Friday, December 28, 2012

World Braces for N. Korean New Year Nuclear Fireworks

More about a dysfunctional--but deadly--adversary, North Korea.

A New Year's Eve or Day nuclear detonation is likely. North Korea is readying a test site in the aftermath of the nation's successful ICBM launch.

Click here for the latest news about the … Iran-assisted and … China-enabling … North Korean nuclear program.

As Henry Kissinger once put it, if the international community can't stop North Korea, an impoverished nation with no natural resources that is dependent on China for food, fuel and arms, then, what meaning is there to the term international community?

The criminal, Kimist regime is overtly aligned with Iran, a  totalitarian (clerical fascist) power that is pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--i.e. a policy aimed at overturning the status quo, or power relations among nations. The partners in nuclear and missile proliferation make little effort to hide their intentions, which are thoroughly evil. Iran muses openly about "a world without America and Zionism" and repeatedly threatens to attack the United States and to destroy Israel. North Korea has threatened to also strike the U.S. and to obliterate South Korea.

The threats are all too real and must be ended, one way or another, before they end us.