Saturday, December 15, 2012

World Shocked by Connecticut School Massacre

Foreign Leaders Express Sympathy, Urge US to Adopt Stricter Gun Laws 

An updated report--over here.

The mass murder was an act of unspeakable evil; the killer, a monster. His deed recalls Nazi atrocities.

One observation: there is an obvious, urgent need for properly trained and armed security guards at all American schools. When this reporter attended a large New York City high school in the 1960s every public high school in the city had a police officer assigned to it. (Our officer, a welcome sight in a tough city school--two students were killed during my four years there--was "Officer Perry.") In later years, some NYC high schools had more than one cop because of increased school violence.

Another thought: in Israel, many school teachers and principals have ready access to guns in case of terrorist attack. This has been true since the Ma'alot massacre. In contrast, in the United States, even soldiers on military bases are inexplicably unarmed and vulnerable to attack, as shown by the Fort Hood mass shooting.

The slain Connecticut principal died heroically. Had she been armed, she might have stopped the murderer and saved more lives, including her own. Had a police officer been on duty at the school, the only casualty might have been the killer. In fact, the presence of a uniformed officer might have even deterred the maniac, regardless of how deranged he was. As crazy as America's mass murderers seem to be, they seem to pick only on defenseless people.

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