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Validation for Foreign Confidential™ Reporting and Analysis: Islamist Iran Willing to Attack the United States On its Own Soil

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence today warned the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is willing to launch terrorist attacks against the United States on its own soil. Click here to read the report.

Scroll down or click here and here for Foreign Confidential™ coverage of the Iranian threat--to the U.S.

Iran Starts Spanish-Language TV Channel

Ahead of attacking the United States with missiles and terrorists
, the Hitlerian monster Ahmadinejad has inaugurated a Spanish-language, satellite TV news channel aimed at the Americas. Click here for the story.

Iran's Latin American strategy speaks volumes about the ways in which weakness invites aggression and appeasement of an imperialist power--meaning, a country bent on overthrowing the status quo, or power relations among nations--makes war with that power inevitable. The longer the appeasement continues, the more likely it is that the war will be fought on the aggressor's terms. That happened during the 1930s, in the lead-up to World War II, and it is happening now in the case of nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran. The Bush administration, foolishly focused on Iraq, failed to attack Iran, an implacable enemy that aided Al Qaeda before the September 11 attacks (and, like Pakistan, has aided AQ since the attacks). The Obama administration appeased and tried to "engage" (code for collaborate and align with) Iran in a failed attempt at a Grand Bargain for regional pacification. Wishy-washy condemnations and economic sanctions have not slowed Iran's atomic advance to any significant degree; thanks to Obama (of "the Muslim world"), a clerical fascist regime that denies the Holocaust while plotting a new one is closer than ever to possessing the ultimate weapons of mass destruction--and the means of delivering them.

After taking office, Obama also tried to engage Iran's most important Western Hemisphere ally, Venezuela's virulently anti-American strongman, Hugo Chavez (click here for a handy recap of Obama's Latin America Apology Tour). Obama's efforts to win this enemy over have clearly backfired.

The new Iranian TV channel, which will also distribute its programming across the Internet, will work to condition Latin American (and U.S. Hispanic) public opinion before the coming conflict, and to shape perceptions and influence opinion during the conflict. No doubt, there are plans afoot to use video images of Iranian casualties from U.S. and Israeli air raids to justify the assaults on the U.S. homeland that Iran intends to launch from Venezuela and Mexico.

Gul Says Assad is Doomed

Turkey's president says the fate of the Syrian regime is sealed and foreign intervention is almost inevitable. Read the news here.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hitler-Admiring Ahmadinejad Aims to Attack America

Taking up the Torch of Fascism ...

Clerical Fascist Foe of US and Israel
Plans to Fulfill Nazi Fuhrer's Dream

By now, it should be pretty clear to everyone except diehard appeasers that Islamist Iran intends to rain missiles down on Israeli cities when (not if) Iran ends up in a shooting war with Israel and the United States over the mullahocracy's refusal to scrap its nuclear arms program. Iran has made its intentions known in this regard by repeatedly vowing to "burn Tel Aviv," bomb an Israeli nuclear installation in the Negev desert, "eradicate the Zionist cancer," etc.

What is less clear, because Iran has only hinted at this part of its war plan, is that the turbaned tyranny also intends to launch missile attacks on U.S. cities.

That's right: Iran intends to attack the U.S. homeland. And the Iranian attacks could come early in the coming conflict. Extreme Iranian hawks want to attack now or immediately after the first shots are fired--following, say, skirmishes or naval clashes in the Strait of Hormuz, assuming the war begins in the strategic waterway, or in Syria, as a result of U.S. intervention in Iran's secular Arab ally. Mainstream--meaning, more pragmatic--Iranian hawks (there are no doves) would prefer to wait until the U.S. attacks Iran itself before lashing back at U.S. cities in order to best exploit the propaganda value of the reprisals. Images of dead Iranian civilians could be used to justify the Iranian attacks; an army of Useful Idiots could be relied upon to parrot the Iranian line.

All clerical fascist factions agree: Iran must be prepared to attack "the Great Satan" as well as "the Little Satan." Attacking the Great Satan presents the greater challenge, of course; but the risks associated with this may be lower, surprisingly, than trying to level Tel Aviv or Haifa. Reason: Israel, which is believed to have a formidable arsenal of nuclear weapons, is certain to obliterate Iran (to use a term that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made famous during her failed bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008) to prevent a second Holocaust. But the Obama administration has more or less declared that it will never use nuclear weapons against an enemy that refrains from using nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against the U.S.

Which helps to explain why the men who rule Iran are plotting to strike U.S. civilian populations along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts. The Islamonazi monsters are basically borrowing a few pages from Adolf Hitler's World War II playbook.

A bit of frightening and exceedingly relevant history. In the run-up to the War, Nazi Germany established espionage networks in Latin America; during the War, the Nazis used submarines both to smuggle saboteurs into the U.S. and to attack U.S. ships. Nazi subs sank dozens of ships in U.S. waters and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a giant killing zone. Incredibly, more than 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf during the years 1942 and '43. They attacked tankers transporting oil from ports in Texas and Louisiana, successfully sinking 56 vessels. In one instance, the tanker Virginia was torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by a German U-Boat, killing 26 out of 40 crewmen.

More history. Hitler dreamed of attacking New York; and Nazi plans to attack the city by air or submarine actually pre-dated Pearl Harbor. After the U.S. entered the war, Hitler became obsessed with destroying Manhattan skyscrapers. He longed to see the buildings burn. (He would have been proud of Bin Laden.) As Germany's defeat loomed, the Nazi leader ordered German generals and scientists to build a missile capable reaching New York. Had the war lasted longer, they might have succeeded.

Back to the future. Iran's Hitler-admiring maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aims to fulfill the Fuhrer's unrealized dream. Ahmadinejad doesn't need U-boats. He has a fleet of seemingly civilian cargo ships equipped with cleverly concealed, containerized, Russian-made missile launch systems--which Iran and North Korea have jointly test-fired in the context of their notable Islamist-Stalinist partnership in proliferation. Flying flags of convenience, these vessels can be deployed to strike U.S. coastal cities--and may already be lurking offshore.

Latin American spy bases? Ahmadinejad has these and more--meaning, cells of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Hezbollah terrorists and commandos in Venezuela and Mexico. The jihadist killers are ready to sacrifice their own lives in order to attack U.S. targets abroad and inside the U.S. As far as they are concerned, the unbelievably porous U.S. border is wide open for terrorist business. Attacks on U.S. municipalities along and close to the Mexican border are distinctly possible. Massacres and mass hostage situations are not at all far-fetched.

Sabotage operations? Nazi wartime sabotage missions against the U.S. homeland were absurdly amateurish. All known attempts ended badly--for the Nazis. Infiltrators immediately gave themselves up or were quickly apprehended after coming ashore; fifth column attacks never materialized. The German American Bund, though menacing, turned out to be a paper tiger. In sharp contrast, Iran is believed by intelligence experts to have already established professional terrorist cells in U.S. cities capable of carrying out Mumbai-style swarming attacks on transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential and office buildings, shopping malls and commercial centers and other soft targets.

Iran's asymmetric attacks will be aimed at electrifying Muslim/Third World masses (liberals and neo-isolationists are in dangerous denial about the intense hatred of the U.S. across the globe) and crippling the U.S. economy.

Iran's leaders may also believe that they can demoralize rather than rally the American people by attacking them at home.

The Iranian regime surely thinks that the dramatic spike in oil prices that will result from its planned shutdown of the Persian Gulf will trigger a global recession, and that a frightened, war-weary world will blame "the Zionists" (code for Israel and the Jewish people) and the U.S. for wrecking the global system.

Finally, Iran believes that it can count on Moscow and Beijing to broker a U.N.-sponsored end to the conflict.

Perhaps most important, although the mad mullahs and their maniac-in-chief know that Obama will have to respond to major assaults on American cities with massive air strikes on Iranian targets, they probably assume, as indicated above, that Iran will be able to withstand the aerial attacks until the international community and craven U.S. media outlets pressure Obama into ending the offensive. (A U.S. land war in Iran is obviously out of the question.)

Iran may also be planning to pay North Korea to provoke a major international crisis--maybe even to the point of attacking U.S. troops stationed in South Korea--so as to create the two-front war that the Obama administration has announced it will no longer be prepared to fight.

In short, war with Iran is inevitable, and Iran intends to fight the war on its terms, in its way--and that includes killing Americans where they live.

If 19 Al Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001 could kill nearly 3,000 Americans on American soil, imagine what Iran's SS-like IRGC is capable of doing in 2012.

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Senior Ayatollah: Iran Already Nuclear

Khatami Says U.S. too Blind to See Reality

Stalin's File on Menahem Begin Comes to Light

Begin file: The NKVD compiled a massive file on the future Israeli prime minister when he was a leader of the Betar Zionist youth movement. | Photo credit: Yad Vashem Archives

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French Envoy: Israel Doesn't Have to Face Iran Alone

An exclusive interview with France's ambassador to Israel. Click here to read it.

Has Newt Been Neutralized?

Has Newt Gingrich been neutralized?

Did the Republican Establishment get to him?

Watching the two Florida GOP Presidential primary debates, especially last night's event, it's tempting to believe that some powerful figures may have threatened the candidate in a most vicious and personal way.

Really. The Gingrich that showed up in Jacksonville was not the man that made verbal mincemeat of Mitt Romney in South Carolina. The populist, compassionate-conservative streak that made Gingrich so appealing to independents as well as to angry, fed-up Republicans was inexplicably, glaringly gone. The former House Speaker appeared to be holding back at key moments, seemed to be self-censoring criticism of his rival's business dealings, foreign bank accounts, and carefully controlled, timed release of tax returns. It was as though Gingrich had for some unknown reason decided to blunt his own winning, competitive edge.

His enemies, of which there appear to be no shortage, will no doubt cite his weak performance to support their assertion that he is too "erratic" to be the Republican nominee, let alone President of the United States.

Maybe. But erratic could be code for uncontrollable … and anti-elitist.

Gingrich may also be too intellectually honest for the GOP, as shown by the sympathy he has expressed for some of Ron Paul's ideas, specifically, regarding monetary policy and health care. Although Paul's foreign policy views are anathema to Gingrich--he considers Paul's hands-off position on Iran to be even more dangerous than Obama's record of appeasing and trying to "engage" the Islamist menace--the history professor in Gingrich can't seem to stop himself from agreeing publicly with Paul on those issues on which Gingrich clearly believes the Texas Congressman may be more right than wrong.

Possible political word of the day: newtralize. verb. To silence or counteract a political personality by subjecting the individual to a relentless barrage of threats, personal attacks and criticism.

Memo to Newt: Consider spending less time talking about going to the moon and more time talking about aggressively developing America's awesome, untapped, real energy resources … meaning, oil and gas … the so-called fossil fuels despised by Democrats … in order (a) to make the country energy independent, and (b) to directly and indirectly create millions of well-paying, permanent jobs … with health and medical benefits.

Hamas 'Embarrassed' by Syria

Terrorist Group Distancing itself From Damascus

As reported here, the Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas is distancing itself from Islamist Iran's embattled secular ally, Syria. Moreover, there are signs that Hamas is moving away from Iran itself and drawing closer to Turkey and the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood. Gaza-based Hamas, which rejects Israel's right to exist, grew out of the MB (which is now tightening its grip on Egypt, following the overthrow of the Mubarak government).

Turkey, a full member of NATO that the Obama administration has hailed as a model "Islamic democracy," the MB, which the administration is "engaging", and Hamas--which the administration would also openly engage but for the organization's terrorist methods and avowed commitment to Israel's destruction--are all Sunni. Iran, of course, is a Shiite theocracy; and Syria is ruled by a regime that is dominated by Alawite Muslims, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. Ahead of a conflict with nuclear-arming Iran that could engulf the region, players seem to be picking sides along traditional theological lines.

POSTSCRIPT: Notwithstanding Iran's past support for Hamas and assistance to Al Qaeda before and after 9/11, the Sunni-Shiite divide will probably not be bridged again until the present Iranian regime is replaced with a "moderate" (code for pragmatic and supposedly more pliable) Islamist version--another so-called Islamocracy. The Obama administration is not really interested in promoting genuine democracy, only Islamic/Islamist democracy. What is arguably the most-leftwing-ever administration in American history ironically sees rightwing political Islam as an unstoppable--and essentially progressive--force that can somehow be effectively exploited without once again blowing back as it did on 9/11 following the unleashing of the global jihad that resulted from America's covert intervention in Afghanistan on the Islamist side.

Europeans Increasingly Converting to Islam

Surge in Conversions Across Europe
Some Celebrities Swayed by Islam

Romney and Gingrich on Israel and Palestine

Cell Phone Use 'War Crime' in Still Grieving N. Korea


Bibi's Chinese Greeting Goes Viral

Is Iran Missile Threat to Israel Exaggerated?

Reports suggest that Iran is bluffing, that it may not be able to block the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf and that its missiles may not be able to inflict as much damage as it says. Click here for the story.

Foreign Confidential™ analysts respectfully disagree. Iran's intentions toward Israel and the United States are entirely evil. It is hard to understand how the IRGC and its Quds Force terror cells and more than 100,000 Iranian/Hezbollah/Syrian missiles (and stockpiles of Syrian warheads) do not constitute a potentially existential threat to Israel and a serious threat to U.S. forces in the Middle East. If not for Israel's presumed nuclear deterrent, Israel would have already been bombarded. If not for the missile threat to israel, it would already have wiped out Iran's nuclear sites.

This reporter remembers when Israel's generals and political establishment convinced themselves that Egypt was not a serious threat. A hero of the Six-Day War, Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan, told reporters in the summer of 1973 that it would be at least five years before Egypt could think of attacking Israel. Egypt attacked Israel on Yom Kippur of that year, on October 6, and the surprise strike into the Sinai Peninsula, coordinated with a Syrian sneak attack on the Golan Heights, nearly ended the Jewish State. Dayan himself, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, had to be stopped by Prime Minister Golda Meir from calling a press conference announcing Israel's destruction.


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Will S. Korean Drill Provoke Pyongyang?

As reported here, South Korean marines are staging a live-fire exercise on a front-line island. Will the drill provoke a North Korean attack of some sort? Time will tell.

Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe the North is preparing a series of provocations, including armed actions and nuclear and missile tests. The South Korean maneuvers could provide Pyongyang with a pretext for aggression against Seoul.



US Buildup of Saudi Air Force Troubles Israel


Even North Korea Has Foreign Supporters

Incredibly, the world's worst dictatorship, nuclear-armed North Korea, has friends in the West. Meet the ultra-Left loons--over here--who support the Kimist/Communist regime.

SEALs Rescue Hostages, Kill Pirates


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Analyzing Iran's Threat to Close the Strait of Hormuz

The Venezuela-Based Iranian Missile Threat


Romney's Timed Tax Release Inflames Issue

Romney's carefully timed (morning-after-first-Florida-debate, pre-President's-State-Of-The-Union-Speech) release of his 2010 tax return is certain to inflame an important issue--carried interest income compensation for private equity executives, which allows them to treat income earned from financial engineering and money managing as capital gains instead of as ordinary income. Click here for the story, a key excerpt of which appears below.

At issue is the U.S. tax code’s treatment of carried interest, or the share of profits that partners in private equity firms, hedge funds and real estate developments receive as the bulk of their compensation. That income is taxed at the 15 percent capital gains rate rather than at ordinary income rates of as much as 35 percent, although many tax specialists say it represents compensation for labor.

If Romney thinks he can confuse the public--get retired folks in Florida, for example, to equate carried interest with interest income from savings--he's in for a rude awakening. The American people are about to get an education regarding the secretive private equity world, and they are not going to like what they learn. The exposure will greatly upset the publicity-shy (for good reason) PE and hedge fund barons. But they have Romney and the Republican Establishment to thank for the disturbance. His quest for power and the Establishment's arrogant anointing of him as the presumed GOP candidate has put the mega-rich money manipulators in the spotlight in a most menacing way--for them.

Ignore the national disinformedia. The White House is rooting for Romney to win the Republican primary race. Romney, not Newt Gingrich, is the gift that can keep on giving … right through Election Day.

Further Memo to the Republican Establishment: Stop believing your own press releases. Romney's "success" does not inspire ordinary Americans. To the contrary; the more they will learn about the ways in which he made and has held onto his fortune the angrier they are likely to become. Hs isn't a business hero. He isn't any kind of hero. There is nothing heroic about him. Genuine heroes uplift regular folks, make them feel taller and stronger. Romney by definition diminishes them and their achievements, makes them feel small and insignificant, stupid, in some ways, for actually believing in and not knowing how to manipulate and profit mightily from a system that seems increasingly rigged in favor of a select few.

Gingrich may remind some people of a high school principal who tends to talk too much, or the high school history teacher or college professor who gave you a B when you thought you really deserved an A. But that isn't so bad compared against Romney. For way too many Americans, Romney seems like the CEO who fired them … and, adding insult to injury, tried to convince them that it was for their own good.

For other Americans, Romney is also the preppy college kid who picketed for the Vietnam War draft while knowing that he could claim an exemption that would keep him from ever serving in the military. Click here for that story. The idea that this creepy, self-righteous hypocrite is cut out to be the Commander-in-Chief boggles the mind.

A secretive, super-rich, pro-draft, draft dodger--the epitome of electability in the eyes of the Republican Establishment. Eisenhower must be turning in his grave.

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Russia Supplying Syria With Warplanes

Russian combat training jets to Syria … Russia frustrating sanctions … signaling its intentions … read the analysis here. It basically supports what Foreign Confidential™ has been saying for months: relations with Russia are at an all-time post-Cold War low. Obama's "reset" is an utter failure.

Former CIA Chief Says US Should Bomb IRGC

Ex-CIA director James Woolsey agrees with Foreign Confidential™ that clerical fascist Iran's SS-like Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps should be targeted for destruction along with the country's nuclear sites. Click here for the story.

Iran, India Ink Secret Oil-for-Gold Deal

A crude wakeup call. India has become the first nation to agree to pay for Iranian oil with gold instead of dollars. The sanctions-evading arrangement, as reported here exclusively, is expected to be copied by China, and to boost the price of gold while depressing the dollar.

Meanwhile, Obama (of "the Muslim world") is desperately trying to revive pointless negotiations with oil-rich, nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran while warning Israel not to attack the monstrous mullahocracy.

Obama is also pushing inefficient and nonexistent green energy solutions while continuing to lock up the real resources that could make America energy independent--meaning, oil and gas.

Regarding Romney Mouthpiece Chris Christie

Memo to the Republican Establishment: keep on using New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a Romney representative … continue to have him weigh in on the issues … if you want Newt Gingrich to win the Republican nomination (which would be a good thing for America) and Barack Obama to win the general election (which would be a very bad thing for America).

You may think that Christie, a tough-talking, mainstream media darling, has a crude, working class appeal that makes up for Romney's image as a polished, private equity-era robber baron; but you're dead wrong. The New Jersey governor comes across like an arrogant New Jersey thug--a character out of The Sopranos, only without Tony Soprano's natural warmth. (Christie is more likely be cast in a TV show or movie as a brutal cop than as a Godfather-like gangster who can be just as effective at spreading the wealth as he is at stealing it.)

You may also think that Christie is better than Gingrich when it comes to representing the legacy of Ronald Reagan. But you're wrong about that, too. The former House Speaker is extremely effective when it comes to both associating himself with Reagan and associating the 40th President of the United States (a) with an economic revival that created millions of jobs, and (b) with a foreign policy that helped bring down the Soviet Union. For Christie, Reagan's finest moment was when he … fired … people. Seriously. Speaking at the Reagan Library last September, Christie had this to say:

Everybody in this room and in countless other rooms across this great country has his or her favorite Reagan story. For me, that story happened thirty years ago, in August 1981. The air traffic controllers, in violation of their contracts, went on strike. President Reagan ordered them back to work, making clear that those who refused would be fired. In the end, thousands refused, and thousands were fired.

Finally, fuhgeddabout Christie debating Barack Obama in case you're secretly still considering an 11th-hour contingency plan to draft the Jersey windbag if Romney loses the upcoming Florida primary. Christie would do even worse than Romney in a verbal showdown with Obama. Whereas the former Massachusetts governor is more likely to only seem awkward and hopelessly out of touch with ordinary Americans, unable to connect with their problems (or "challenges," as CEOs and investment bankers like to say), the current New Jersey governor would almost certainly generate sympathy for the President, making him look like a kind-hearted honor student (which he probably was) … maybe even a scholar-athlete … being threatened by a super-sized, schoolyard bully.

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Syria Rejects Arab League Plan


US Carrier Sails Through Hormuz


Shocking but True: Foreign Firms Investing in N. Korea

Race to the Bottom Brings Companies
to Country-Sized Concentration Camp

As if to prove that certain kinds of capitalism can coexist quite nicely with totalitarianism (no messy human or civil rights, no troublesome trade unions, etc.) and that Lenin was right when he said capitalists will "sell the rope" with which Communists will hang them, some foreign firms are investing in the world's worst dictatorship. No kidding. The Kimist Communist hell on earth is being touted as the global economy's new land of opportunity.

That Chinese companies are "storming" into North Korea is not surprising; that European companies are also investing there is ... sickening. Click here to read the Business Week report on North Korea's emerging money magnet status. The article reads like a rewritten press release put out by a Western PR agency. (It's only a matter of time before PR firms join the storm, assuming they haven't already done so.)

Recent Assassinations: Work of a Desperate Iran?

By Clare M. Lopez

Gelareh Bagherzadeh was studying molecular genetic technology at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. An outspoken supporter of women's rights, the Greens Movement, and regime change in Iran, she was known to be concerned about becoming a target for reprisal. On Monday, 16 January 2012, she was shot dead in her car in an upscale townhouse community where she lived near the Houston Galleria. Her purse and personal items were left untouched, lending weight to the likelihood that this was a professional hit job.

Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was a young chemical scientist who worked at Natanz, the Iranian uranium enrichment facility. At 32, he was just a couple years older than Bagherzadeh. He was assassinated while driving to work in Tehran on January 11, 2012 by a sticky bomb affixed to his car window by a motorcyclist, who then sped away. He was the fifth Iranian academic or scientist affiliated with the regime's nuclear weapons program to be killed in the last several years.

Just weeks earlier, in November 2011, two large-scale explosions had shaken the Iranian nuclear establishment: The first demolished several buildings at an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) missile base and also killed General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, the head of Iran's ballistic missile program; the second was reported as a huge blast near the Isfahan uranium conversion facility.

Striking Parallels

There are some striking parallels between these two recent killings, the one in Houston and the one in Tehran, only days apart and both of them young scientists, murdered in their cars by unknown assailants. While it's unclear who is responsible for these events, speculation and accusations are flying in all directions. Whether Ahmadi-Roshan was killed by Mossad agents, Iranian dissidents, or his own intelligence service, may never be known publicly, just as whoever shot the young med student in Houston may never be brought to justice.

Still, the psychological pressure on the Iranian regime continues to ratchet upwards and as panic sets in, it is increasingly likely that Tehran will lash out against enemies both real and perceived. It would appear that even American citizens in their own backyards may not be safe from the long reach of this terrorist regime.

Things cannot be looking good from where Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei sits. Tensions in the Persian Gulf intensified in late December 2011 as Iranian war games and U.S. aircraft carrier movements brought Iranian naval threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, followed shortly by a statement from a senior IRGC commander apparently backing off the threats. Iran also chose the same day to announce an offer to resume nuclear talks with Western powers.

Mysterious Explosions

Those mysterious explosions targeting IRGC facilities in November 2011 were just the latest in a long series of attacks against Iran's nuclear weapons program, attacks which have included assassinations and attempted assassinations, the Stuxnet computer virus, and the probable defection of at least one senior IRGC commander (Alireza Asgari, a former deputy defense minister, who disappeared in Turkey in 2006).

U.S. sanctions, passed 100-0 by the Senate in December 2011, may yet tighten the screws on the mullahs' cash flow by targeting Iran's Central Bank in a bid to cripple Iran's oil sales. The rial is sinking, foreign currency trading by common citizens has been curtailed, and the security services are methodically closing off people's access to the internet. The Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, just visited Riyadh and signed a deal to build a big oil refinery in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

Things are not going very well for Iran's key regional ally in Damascus, either, and the U.S. State Department is faced with a growing crescendo of calls to remove Iran's most feared opposition group, the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MeK), from its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list so that 3,400 unarmed MeK residents of Ashraf City in northern Iraq who were granted 4th Geneva Convention protection by the U.S. government in 2004 can be resettled elsewhere by the United Nations before they are slaughtered by an Iraqi government that is fast falling under the hegemony of its neighbor to the east.

Internal Feud

What's a regime to do? Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who's been on the losing end of a feud with Supreme Leader Khamenei for months, took off for Latin America, where he could look forward to seeing some friendly faces (even if Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, reportedly suffering from terminal cancer, may not be around for much longer). The usual roster of "Iran Lobby" regime apologists took to the airwaves and internet with the same, tired talking points about sensitivity for Tehran's upset feelings at being treated so shabbily by the international community.

In fact, so fixated on getting the mullahs' message out were some of them that they completely missed the December 22, 2011 blockbuster ruling by Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of New York in the Havlish case, which found Iran had provided direct and material support to al-Qa'eda in the 9/11 attacks.

As Iranian dissidents and exiles everywhere well know, though, this is a regime that routinely uses murder and terror, not just propaganda, as tools of survival. Still, turning on its own is never a good sign: Ahmad Rezai, the son of former Iranian IRGC commander, Mohsen Rezai, who defected to the U.S. in 1998 and became an American citizen, was found dead in a Dubai hotel room in November 2011. Then there was the early January 2012 sentencing to six-months in jail of Faezheh Hashemi, the daughter of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, theformer Iranian President. Rafsanjani, who supported opposition candidate Mir-Hussein Mousavi in the June 2009 presidential elections. He, himself, was ousted in March, 2011, from the chairmanship of the influential Assembly of Experts, a post he'd held since 2006.

And then came the assassinations of the two young scientists in Tehran and Houston. These weren't like the October 2011 allegations about an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. This time, orders were given and targets dispatched. Bagherzadeh was not the first American citizen to find herself on an Iranian hit list, but the evident desperation of that regime (and apparent indifference to possible American response) may be propelling it to actions even more reckless than usual in a bid to survive.

But the assassination of an innocent American citizen on American soil by a terrorist regime dedicated to Islamic jihad crosses a line that demands an official response and deserves at least the outrage given a confused—and failed—conspiracy to murder a Saudi diplomat.

Clare M. Lopez, a senior fellow at the Clarion Fund, writes regularly for RadicalIslam.org, and is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, and counterterrorism issues.

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Again, Kim Visits a Military Unit

North Korea's Supreme Leader has made his fifth visit to a military unit this month, as reported here.

Among other things, the visit is sign, Foreign Confidential™ analysts say, that Pyongyang is planning a new provocation of some sort.

Islamists Win 75% of Egypt Parliament




Loser Resorts to Pure Demagoguery, Practically Accusing
Gingrich of Being a Communist for Questioning Refusal
to Release Tax Returns, Private Equity Vulture Capital

Romney's despicable speech should disqualify him. He clearly has much to hide, is the wrong candidate at the wrong time--a poster boy for all that is wrong with the Republican party.

End of story.

Extreme Environmentalists Targeting Heavy Oil

As shown by the Keystone Pipeline controversy, extreme environmentalists are targeting heavy oils, claiming, with the help of the disinformedia, that oil extracted from tar sands and, by inference, thick, gooey, gummy heavy crude oil are "dirtier" and more dangerous than conventional (light) oil.

Utter baloney--at best.

The manmade global warming theory-based Big Lie that the life-on-earth-supporting carbon dioxide that is released in heavy oil production is a pollutant is central to the argument against heavy oil production--and oil production in general.

The Republican Presidential candidates need to tackle the carbon-is-killing-the-planet notion head-on as so much hot air and politically motivated propaganda aimed at keeping America's despised "fossil fuels" locked up. Mitt ("Maybe I'll Release My Tax Returns") Romney does not have the credibility to do this. Santorum simply isn't smart enough. Paul is basically irrelevant--he hardly believes in government to begin with. That leaves Gingrich. Alone among the remaining GOP Presidential hopefuls, Newt has the intelligence, knowledge, ability and wit to defeat the all-oil-is-bad camp.

Which explains (a) why pro-Obama CNN, which poses as a news network, ignored energy and its importance to the economy (along with foreign policy) during this week's Presidential debate, and (b) why Obama (of "the Muslim world") is ignoring North Dakota's great, job-creating oil boom: he and his henchpersons don't want the American people to know that their country is sitting atop enough onshore oil, including new oil that can be squeezed from old fields through enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods that are similar to heavy crude production methods, to make America energy independent. Really. Between the Bakken-lke light oil fields waiting to be discovered and the EOR fields--and known heavy crude reserves and resources--waiting to be developed, the United States could be said to be running into oil, not out of it.

Energy independence from real … as opposed to phony "green" … energy … millions of well-paying, permanent jobs … with benefits … genuine prosperity … all this is possible, doable, attainable with the right leadership.

Will the nation get the leader it needs in 2012?

POSTSCRIPT: Had Obama wanted to act like a true progressive upon entering office during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, he would have called for the creation of a national oil company--a real stimulus--to responsibly explore for and develop domestic oil resources that are economically recoverable, but arguably not economic enough, for (American-in-name-only) Big Oil. Alternatively, he could have backed the revival of America's once mighty independent oil industry and urged government incentives for companies to develop the nation's domestic oil resources, especially on federal land. He did neither of these things, of course, preferring (in line with his Islamobominist ideology) to push inefficient and nonexistent energy solutions in the name of "saving the planet." Wanted: A President to save America.

On Nigeria's Taliban

The Taliban-like Islamist terrorist group called Boko Haram has become a real threat to Nigeria, as this editorial explains.

Libyan Islamists Rally for Islamic Law


Bibi: Iran Has Decided to Build Nukes

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, contradicting his defense minister, says Iran has decided to become a nuclear state--meaning that it has decided to build nuclear weapons--and that there is little time left to prevent this from happening. Click here for the report from Israel.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama Appeals to Egyptian Junta


CNN Hosts Debate and Forgets Foreign Policy

Gingrich's Marital History More Important to Elite US 'News' Network
Than Relations With Russia or China, Iranian Nukes, Islamist Terror

"I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a Presidential debate….

"Don't try to blame somebody else. You and your staff chose to start this debate with it."

- Newt Gingrich, responding to CNN's John King in the South Carolina Republican Presidential debate

Not one foreign policy question--as if the rest of the world didn't exist and American foreign policy no longer mattered.

CNN's moderator, John King, didn't ask a single foreign policy question during last night's slugfest-style, televised, GOP Presidential debate in South Carolina. Newt Gingrich's marital history--King's lead-off question--was deemed more important, say, than the Iranian nuclear threat, or relations with rising China.

What's up with that? Have Americans become so beat-down, so depressed and demoralized, so financially hard-pressed and war-weary that they no longer give a damn about foreign policy?

Not really. Rather, this reporter suspects, something more sinister was at play in Charleston--namely, a decision by CNN brass to deny Ron Paul's mainstream opponents a platform for criticizing President Obama on foreign policy, assuming, correctly, as it turned out, that the Texas Congressman could be counted upon to work his neo-isolationist argument into some of his answers. Paul's position, though too extreme for most Democrats, dovetails nicely with the pro-appeasement policy of Obama and his liberal, corporate media supporters.

With the above in mind, what follows, in no particular order, are a few foreign policy questions that could have been put to the remaining Republican candidates.

How would your administration deal with China? Do you regard China as an adversary of the United States?

How about Russia--how would you describe it? Why are relations with Russia so bad 20 years after the end of the Cold War?

How would you prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons? What, if anything, would you do about the Iranian missile threat--Iran's development of intercontinental ballistic missiles?

Why are American troops still in Korea? Is Ron Paul right--should they be brought home?

More than 10 years have passed since 9/11. Do you agree that America is at war with radical Islam? If your answer is yes, how will you win the war if you're elected President?

Had you been President on 9/11 what would you have done?

What's your main criticism of President Obama's foreign policy? Why do you believe it is so bad?

N. Korea Claims Kim Oversaw Nuclear Test

The personality cult is being built, as reported here and here.

The nuclear test claim is significant--and ominous. The North does not intend to scrap its nuclear arms program. A third nuclear test is probably in the works.

Pyongyang's partner in nuclear/missile crimes--Islamist Iran--will once again be present when the detonation takes place. A delegation of Iranian military and intelligence officers, scientists and engineers will observe the blast. North Korea, a country-sized concentration camp, is one place where the mullahocracy's nuclear scientists can feel safe.

North Korea Slams South

Pyongyang vows to "mercilessly punish" South Korean "warmongers." Click here for the news.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Romney's Cayman Connection

Washington insiders suspect the main reason Romney refuses to release his tax returns is that he has a fortune in offshore (Cayman Islands) bank accounts. While perfectly legal provided he reports ownership/beneficial control of the accounts, the image of a super-rich Republican Presidential candidate stashing millions of dollars overseas during a period of crushing unemployment and income inequality … stinks.

Additionally, insiders say, Romney has probably given tons of money to his church. Nothing wrong with that--it's the American way. But considering his leadership role in the church--he's a Mormon Bishop--the amounts are likely to draw attention to negative aspects of his faith's heritage that the candidate would like to avoid discussing.

Is Romney's religion--rather, his clerical position--a legitimate issue? No, say Republican establishment types and politically correct liberals (although surveys show that liberal democrats are consistently least likely to vote for a Mormon because of religion). Yes, whisper many politically incorrect conservatives who want to beat Barack Obama in November. They assert that a Presidential candidate who belongs to the clerical elite of a church that not too many years ago regarded black people as divinely cursed, permitted and promoted and then conveniently ignored polygamy, and stood for political separatism and theodemocracy, is by definition not qualified to challenge a President who has made support for overlapping rightwing political and organized/fundamentalist/polygamous Islam and Islamocracy the foundation of an utterly failed foreign policy. The anti-Romney argument is that he will never be comfortable or effective discussing and debating the full extent of the Islamist threat, just as he will never be comfortable discussing and debating entrepreneurial versus private equity-style capitalism, profit versus plunder, privatizing versus piratizing, empowerment versus pauperization, etc.

It should also be said that a candidate who refuses to release his tax returns is not going to be able to credibly challenge Obama to release his still-inexplicably sealed academic records--from kindergarden through law school--a commitment to secrecy that fuels rumors of dual citizenship, foreign student status, and so on.

The Mystery of Box 908

Perry Leaving Race, Endorsing Gingrich

Read the news here.

If Santorum has any sense he will do the same--drop out now and throw his support to Gingrich.

Romney and the White House have this in common: hatred and fear of Newt Gingrich. Contrary to conventional wisdom--i.e. the disinformation and drivel that passes for reporting and analysis from the mainstream media--Obama would much prefer to run against Romney in November. No kidding. Gingrich may not have Romney's phony warmth--the warmth of a multilevel marketing scheme salesman or a TV game show host, or, for that matter, a private equity firm executive explaining why he has to loot and shred your company in order to save it, why you and your neighbors should embrace economic devastation as an exciting challenge bursting with possibilities and latent opportunity--but the former House Speaker/ex-college professor is more than capable of beating Obama (of "the Muslim world") in a debate. Obama knows this, in his brain and in his gut, which is why fawning liberal pundits are pushing Romney and painting Gingrich as the candidate with too much "baggage" to beat Obama.

In fact, Romney is the one with the baggage, enough to sink the GOP and guarantee four more years of Obama.

Iran Warns Arabs on US Ties

Another day, another Iranian warning. Click here for the story.

Iran clearly considers Obama a weak president. Tehran believes it can keep the U.S. out of the Persian Gulf--and eventually drive it from the Middle East.

Iran's Communist ally, Cuba, was able, with the help of the Soviet Union, to use the threat of nuclear war to get the Kennedy administration to agree to never again invade Cuba. The deal that ended the Cuban missile crisis also included a U.S. commitment to withdraw its missiles from Turkey.

Iran's Islamist rulers seem to think that they can (with Russia's help) use the threat of nuclear war to kick the U.S. out of the region--ahead of bringing about a "world without America and Zionism."

Gingrich Goes for Gold

GOP Hopeful Backs Gold Standard,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Canada Stunned by Worst Spy Scandal in 50 Years


Nova Scotia-Based Intelligence Officer
Had Access to US and UK Secret Info



Hitlerian Hezbollah Has Syrian Missiles


Is Another World Watching?

The Riddle Continues

Amazing UFO Video From France

Israeli Video Captures UFO Over Mount Hermon

Iranian Rights Activist Assassinated in Texas

A female medical student who was a well known activist for women's rights in Iran was shot dead in Texas, as reported here.

The murder recalls the assassination of Ali Tabatabai in Bethesda, Maryland, following the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Click here for that story. The craven Carter administration allowed Tabatabai's assassin to escape.

A partial list of Iranian exiles assassinated abroad can be found here.

Iran Planning Attacks Across Region

Iran's IRGC Quds Force terror cells are readying attacks on U.S. and oil industry targets in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, according to this report.

Russian FM Warns Against Attacking Iran


Russia's foreign minister also defended his country's trade with and support for Syria, saying Moscow will block any attempt to obtain United Nations Security Council authorization for use of force against the Syrian regime, while conceding to reporters that Russia cannot prevent an intervention. Click here for the story.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beware the Ides of March Plus 5

Beware the 20th of March. That's what investors and financial analysts are saying. Why the 20th? Because that's when Greece has to make a 14.4 billion euro bond payment, and the only way Greece can cough up such a staggering sum is if its European creditors provide it.

Which they may not do, even though a default by Greece could trigger credit default swap payments that could make some of the banks that wrote the debt insurance instruments insolvent, resulting in a financial meltdown that could be equal to or even bigger than the U.S. sub-prime mortgage collapse.

Or so it would seem, until one learns that the credit default swaps could end up being worthless. Click here to read about the derivatives that were supposed to make Greek debt a sure thing and the CDS-holding hedge funds that are nevertheless balking at agreeing to a restructuring of the debt.

The continuing crisis is complex, scary--and as clear as mud.

Obama Again Calls for Regime Change in Syria

The U.S. President is urging increased international pressure on Assad to step aside. Click here for the news.

Spain Submits to Egypt, Extradites Daughter of Pro-Western Tycoon

It's open season on pro-peace, pro-Western Arabs, including Christians and secular Muslims, as this article indicates. No place on earth seems safe for anyone who suddenly finds himself or herself branded an enemy of a U.S./NATO-made "moderate" Islamist state. Treachery rules as the West capitulates to clerical fascism and betrays and abandons allies and friends under the banners of democracy and diplomacy and the rule of law.

Iran Mullahocracy Mocks Obama

Laughing All the Way to Nuclear Hell


$4 Replica of Captured Pilotless Plane

The inscription on the toy reads: "We will trample the US." It's a well known Ayatollah Khomeini quote. Read more here. Khomeini is the monster that Jimmy Carter sided with against Iran's pro-American, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, in a craven attempt to ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it. Obama is the new Carter.

In case you haven't noticed it, Iran appears to be winning the Great Strait of Hormuz Standoff. The United States is backing away from sending its warships through the strategic waterway, allowing the monstrous mullahocracy to control the Strait, through which a fifth of the world's oil passes.

Why the White House Wants to Run Against Romney

Observing Romney's rise to the top spot in the GOP Presidential contest it's hard not to believe in the existence of a Power Elite--that wants President Obama to be reelected.

Really. A secretive, born-rich Republican candidate who minted millions in the job-and-community-killing, easy-credit-era private equity boom (it's time the ignorant mainstream media learned the difference between PE and venture capital business models) … a flip-flopping phony who refuses to release his tax returns … a pro-labor Massachusetts moderate-turned-Tea Party-loving, union-bashing conservative … a cleric (Mormon Bishop/church leader) with alien, theodemocratic roots … as shown by the video below, such a figure would seem to play right into the hands of Obama (of "the Muslim world") and his globalizing, Islamist-appeasing, Islamocracy-promoting advisors and supporters.

Frank Talk on Iran

Iran: Oil Embargo Means EU Suicide

Another day, another stiff statement from defiant, nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran. Click here for the story.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hezbollah Planned to Kill Jews in Thailand

Iran's Islamist Lebanese proxy planned a Mumbai-style massacre … of religious Jews … in Thailand. Click here for the report.

Gold Moves in Mysterious Ways


Sometimes up, sometimes down on negative Eurozone financial news … gold is not seen as a hedge with regard to the debt crisis, except maybe in a worst-case scenario. Click here or on the above headline to read more.

Oil Rises on Iran News

Crude reality.

Heightened Mideast tensions mean higher oil prices--pain for consuming nations, profits for producers. Click here for today's news.


Children tortured and killed … a seven-month-old baby decapitated in front of his mother … the crimes of the Syrian regime are sickening; the atrocities, reminiscent of Nazi SS murderers. Click here for the story.

If Russia really wants to prevent an international intervention in Syria, it should make every effort it possibly can to pressure its Arab ally to stop slaughtering civilians--and stop targeting children. Otherwise, Moscow, which supplies Syria with $1 billion a year in arms, supports it politically, and maintains a Soviet-era naval base in the Syrian port city of Tartus, must be considered complicit with crimes that recall the horrors of both the Nazis and Stalinism.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

US Set to Free Key 9/11 Taliban Terrorist

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article is truly shocking, even by today's standards. The fact that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is not only still alive but actually meeting and negotiating a return to power with a high-level representative of the United States Government is more than inexcusable. Engaging the monster that should have been eliminated within days of 9/11 for having harbored and aided Al Qaeda is tantamount to engaging a Nazi war criminal--pure perfidy. Releasing one of Omar's most senior henchmen--a Taliban leader who attended a 9/11 planning meeting--seems suicidal, a craven capitulation. Where's the outrage? Have Americans become so demoralized that they no longer care if mass murderers … of Americans … are appeased and rewarded for their horrible crimes? The treachery threatens national security--and insults the memory of every American who died on 9/11.

By Clare M. Lopez

The U.S. intelligence community is warning that the Taliban have abandoned none of their goals to conquer all of Afghanistan and enforce strict Islamic law (shariah). A new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which represents the collective judgment of the most senior U.S. intelligence analysts, warned the White House in December 2011 that the Taliban would settle for nothing less than total control over "an Islamic emirate."

Nevertheless, the Obama administration acknowledges that its envoys have been pursuing talks with the Taliban for the past year, are working on the opening of a political office for the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, and are considering the release of several Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay—as a "trust-building measure." What could possibly go wrong?

Aside from the fact that Afghan President Hamid Karzai seems somehow to have been left out of this flurry of diplomatic activity with the Islamic jihadists who have been fighting for the better part of two decades to take over his country, the continuing failure of U.S. leadership to know the enemy cripples our ability to defend America's most critical national security needs and exposes the homeland to the very real possibility of another 9/11. The December 2011 NIE on the Afghan Taliban plainly stated that Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Pashtun warlord whose government sheltered Usama bin Laden and al-Qa'eda in the 1990s, remains totally committed to taking over all of Afghanistan and subjugating it to the harsh dictates of shariah.

When the Taliban ruled The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from 1996 until they were ousted by U.S. forces in late 2001, the world saw the most barbaric cruelties of Islamic law inflicted on the Afghan people: amputation, flogging, and stoning, as well as the savage repression of women and girls.

As became obvious on one clear day in September 2001, it wasn't the Afghan people alone who would suffer at the hands of the Taliban. Mullah Omar's Afghanistan harbored Usama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the rest of al-Qa'eda as they plotted the attacks of September 11 together with the Iranian regime. As we now know from the December 2011 ruling in the Havlish case by Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of New York, the top levels of the Iranian regime, and specifically the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and intelligence service (MOIS—Ministry of Intelligence and Security), were closely involved in providing "direct and material support" to al-Qa'eda in the 9/11 attacks—and it was Mullah Omar whose steadfast loyalty to Usama bin Laden and secret dealings with Iran allowed those attack plans to proceed.

Envoy Has Been Meeting With Mullah Omar

This is the same Mullah Omar with whom Department of State envoy Marc Grossman has been meeting for months, unbeknownst to the American people and unbeknownst to the thousands of American troops who are still fighting against the Taliban, dying, and coming home maimed for life, in a valiant effort to defeat the forces of shariah Islam.

Unfortunately, most Americans and most of our service members probably don't know that the Department of State long ago helped write the Afghan constitution, which placed the country firmly under Islamic law, complete with dictates that apostasy is punishable by death, blasphemy/slander against Islam is a capital crime, minority faiths such as Buddhism and Christianity face institutional discrimination, women are officially second-class citizens, and freedom of speech and expression is non-existent. This means that, for the last decade or so, thousands of Americans and other NATO coalition forces have been fighting to defend a government in Kabul that was already subjugated to shariah (one of the key objectives of al-Qa'eda and the Taliban in the first place).

Late December 2011 and early January 2012 reporting indicates that the situation may yet become even worse. There are indications that the U.S. government is considering the release of several senior Taliban leaders who have been held at Guantanamo Bay for years and have until now been considered too dangerous to let go. Now, however, in a desperate effort to complete the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and entice Mullah Omar's Taliban jihadis into negotiations, the White House is thinking of setting free some of the worst of the worst Taliban terror leadership—including at least one figure who personally arranged and attended a pre-9/11 planning meeting with Hizballah, Iranian, and Taliban officials.

Khirullah Said Wali Khairkhwa is a former Governor of Herat Province, Afghanistan who served under Mullah Omar's Taliban government from 1999-2001. Khairkhwa met in Kandahar directly with Usama bin Laden and other jihadi fighters at least once in early 2000 and also after 9/11 at a clandestine October 2001 meeting between senior Iranian intelligence and Taliban officials at which Iran pledged to assist the Taliban in its war against the United States.

Indeed, according to the Havlish case documents, Khairkhwa had been appointed Governor of Herat Province in western Afghanistan with the explicit mission to improve relations between Iran and the Taliban. Guantanamo Bay Combatant Status Review Board transcripts show that he fulfilled that tasking by bringing senior Taliban leaders such as Hizbi-I Islami commander Gulbuddin Hekmatyar together with Usama bin Laden and Hekmatyar associates in the Iranian IRGC and MOIS. Khairkhwa was captured in 2002 and transferred to Guantanamo Bay; significantly, Washington, D.C. District Court Judge Ricardo Urbina denied Khairkhwa's petition for a writ of habeas corpus in an opinion issued in May 2011.

Now, the U.S. government is considering releasing Khairkhwa anyway and perhaps several other senior Taliban figures as well, all of whom were closely associated with al-Qa'eda and all of whom the U.S. military has assessed as posing a high risk of returning to Taliban ranks to continue fighting jihad if let out. This would be in return for nothing from the Taliban except some promises to continue talking.

Khairkhwa's close relationship with the Iranian IRGC and intelligence service only compounds the danger of allowing him out of U.S. custody. And yet, that is exactly what reportedly is now under serious consideration by the U.S. government. With Afghanistan under Islamic law, U.S. and allied Western troops soon to withdraw, and now possibly the Taliban's top jihadis to be released from American detention, it would be a clean sweep total victory for the forces of shariah Islam. Minus Usama bin Laden and some other former top leaders now gone from the scene, but bolstered by the incredible wholesale collapse of Western resolve, al-Qa'eda and the Taliban, together with jihadist allies in Iran and Pakistan, would be free once again to consolidate their hold over Afghanistan.

As Iran continues to drive towards a deliverable nuclear weapons capability and with Pakistan already in possession of a nuclear arsenal, the forces of shariah Islam clearly are ascendant across multiple fronts. Prospects for stability in West Asia look increasingly dim. Prospects for American leadership in defense of genuine democracy and freedom look even worse.

Clare M. Lopez, a senior fellow at the Clarion Fund, writes regularly for RadicalIslam.org, and is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, and counterterrorism issues.