Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Power Largely Restored in India After Grid Fails

Power has largely been restored in India after a second, unexplained grid collapse, a manmade disaster that has embarrassed the government. Read more.

Romney's Policy Speech in Jerusalem

In sharp contrast with President Obama's address to "the Muslim world" from Cairo, which emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood and signaled the abandonment and betrayal of the pro-American, peace-preserving Mubarak government, comes Mitt Romney's powerful Jerusalem policy speech. Click below. There can be no denying that the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate is a genuine friend and supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. He has an emotional connection with Israel's purpose and history that Obama clearly lacks.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strange Spying Alleged Regarding Possible Israeli Strike on Iran

An exclusive report from Israel on what appears to be a bizarre and unprecedented development--an alleged, covert contest between allied and normally closely cooperating intelligence agencies that is just one unforeseen result of decades of appeasing and actually trying to align with Islamist Iran, an implacable enemy that is bent on overthrowing the status quo. Read more.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Austerity's Likely Perverse Outcome

The "Triadic Scrooges," German austerity and what essentially amounts to German economic imperialism--a policy that aims to radically alter the status quo in order to achieve permanent economic dominance of Europe. Click here to read "Pain with No Gain," by John Weeks, a persuasive, powerful, provocative essay--with charts to boot.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Islamist Encirclement of Israel Ignored?

Step by step, rebellion by rebellion, Israel is being encircled by Islamists--with the support of the West, including the Obama administration, which is pursuing an overtly pro-Muslim Brotherhood foreign policy.

Turkey's government is Islamist. The Turkish military, traditional guardian of the secular state system, has been purged, prevented from saving the nation.

Egypt is in Islamist hands; it's just a matter of time before the Egyptian army is Islamized.

Syria is on the verge of being taken over by Islamists.

Islamist Iran's Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, rules Lebanon.

Gaza is firmly in the Islamist grip, partly owing to the Bush administration's idiotic "democracy promotion" project, which helped bring Hitlerian Hamas to power there. The group, which is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, threatens to take over the Palestinian-run areas of the so-called West Bank--the disputed territories west of the Jordan River that Israel captured from Jordan during the Six-Day War.

On the eastern bank of the river, the Hashemite monarchy is threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood. The king could eventually be betrayed and abandoned by Washington, the way Iran's Shah, a modernizing monarch, was betrayed and abandoned, and Egypt's President Mubarak, a U.S. ally for three decades, was betrayed and abandoned.

Syria's Christians Fear Islamist Rule

A mass exodus of Christians from Syrian cities is taking place. Read more.

Related Video: Russia's View: Rebels Want Islamist Dictatorship, Not Democracy

Syrian Regime Forces Closing in on Aleppo

A massive, regime counterattack is underway. The civil war has boiled down to a fight for control of Syria's two largest cities, Aleppo and the capital, Damascus. Read more.

Al Qaeda Advancing on Three Fronts

What's Wrong With this Picture?

Nearly 11 years after 9/11, Al Qaeda is surging in Iraq, expanding in Syria, controlling northern Mali.

Click on the links. Read--and weep. Washington has failed to wipe out an enemy that should have been annihilated in Afghanistan within days of 9/11.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Senior US Envoy: N. Korea Can Rejoin International Community

Davies Says Pyongyang Reneged on Pledges to Dismantle Nuclear Program

A senior U.S. diplomat says North Korea can rejoin the international community if it lives up to its international obligations to dismantle its nuclear programs.

Ambassador Glyn Davies, special representative of the Secretary of State for North Korea policy, told VOA that Pyongyang made promises to do that at a meeting with U.S. officials on February 29, but shortly after that reneged on the pledges.

“We came through almost a year's worth of effort on the part of the United States to talk to North Korea," Davies said. "We had three separate negotiations with North Korea on three continents over 11 months and our effort there was to provide an opportunity for North Korea to rejoin the international community. They decided at the end of that not to follow through on their promises. That was a missed opportunity, a miscalculation.”

Davies said that only 16 days after the agreement was reached, Pyongyang invalidated it by launching a rocket, which he said was obviously a ballistic missile test. He said North Korea's action was incomprehensible in view of the time and effort it invested in reaching the agreement.

A Year of Negotiating

“It didn't make sense to me that they would have invested a year of effort in negotiating with us only to then put an end to our bilateral track by making the announcement that they intended to launch a missile," Davies said. "So I thought they must be confused in Pyongyang. The right hand and the left hand potentially are not communicating with each other because it was quite clear in our protracted negotiations with the North Koreans over three separate occasions what it was that we were looking for out of the February 29th agreement. We were quite explicit, we spent hours and hours in discussions. They knew that a rocket launch such as they announced shortly after our deal was concluded — they knew that they would put an end to our efforts to improve relations bilaterally.”

As a result, Davies said, the United States lost faith in North Korea's promises and decided to halt plans to send food aid to the chronically impoverished country. The U.S. envoy said the food assistance program would require a complex process of verification that the food would go to needy people and not to North Korea's huge army.

“That was a missed opportunity, that was a shame that they chose to put an end to our cooperation. I hope at some point we can get back to it, but we are nowhere close to that now because we have yet to see from North Korea steps that would prove that they are serious about living up to their promises.”

Davies urged North Korea to improve its relationship with South Korea and the rest of the world by taking action on the multiple United Nations resolutions it has flouted so far. He said Pyongyang has to prove by its actions that it is serious about fulfilling its obligations because its words cannot be trusted.

Reiterating an earlier statement from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Davies said the government in Pyongyang also must begin to put the needs of its people first — to ensure that they get food, education and other basic necessities. He said the United States is watching the human rights situation in North Korea as well as its attitude toward South Korea and the international community.

Assad Aircraft Bomb Aleppo, Syria's Largest City

Block by block, district by district, city by city, Syria is being destroyed. Read more.

Egypt Marks 60th Anniversary of 1952 Revolution

By Stephanie Figgins

In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, a spokesperson for the Karama party urged a small crowd to complete the goals of the revolution: “bread, freedom, and human dignity.”

But she was not referring to the 25 January 2011 uprising that had its epicenter in this square. Rather, she was referring to the 1952 revolution led by former president Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose ideals her party holds dear.

Monday marked the 60th anniversary of Egypt’s 1952 revolution, in which a group of army officers overthrew King Farouk and ostensibly established a democratic republic. Several political forces, including failed presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahy’s Karama party, gathered to celebrate the day that the Free Officers ended the 150-year monarchy.

But a parallel demonstration against the military, also held in Tahrir, revealed a split in how Egyptians view 1952’s legacy in light of the 25 January uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak 60 years later.

On nearby Mohammed Mahmoud Street, one demonstrator in his early 20s, Abdullah Ibrahim, said that neither 1952 nor 2011 were revolutions, “they were military coups,” he said.

In the days leading up to Egypt’s first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections last November, Ibrahim battled security forces on this same street in clashes that claimed 40 lives. His subsequent arrest and beating hardened him against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the group of military generals that ruled the country from the time Mubarak stepped down until the recently-elected President Mohammed Morsi took his oath of office on 30 June.

Demonstrators on Mohamed Mahmoud Street chanted against military rule and celebrated the birthday of the famous pro-democracy activist and revolutionary symbol Mina Daniel, who was killed by security forces while demonstrating in front of Egypt’s state TV headquarters.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, in his address to the nation on Monday, called 25 January an extension of the 23 July revolution.

"We must celebrate the July 1952 revolution with more determination than ever,” he said, “to exert greater effort to push Egypt onto the ranks of the developed world’s leading nations."

But according to Ibrahim, the only revolution that took place in 2011 was one of awareness among the Egyptian people.

“Now we have an idea of what our rights are, and how to take them,” he said.

Such was evident on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, where several civic organizations that have sprung up since the 25 January uprising called on demonstrators to join them in their various struggles. Causes ranged from releasing civilians being tried before military courts, to electing revolutionary-minded youth to city councils around the country, to educating Egyptians about their stake in the ongoing constitution-writing process.

Ibrahim left the protest charged from networking with fellow activists engaged in projects to deliver basic freedoms and services to Egyptians.

“That’s what the revolution was about,” he said.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Crisis Worsens in Greece

No Light at the End of the Tunnel 

Greece is in a Great Depression, like that which America experienced in the 1930s, the newly installed Greek premier says. But the Greek government has illogically embraced--is being forced to accept--Hooverism, also known as austerity, which is preventing recovery and actually making matters worse, adding to the national pain and misery. Read more.

Comment: German austerity is destroying Greece, destabilizing Greek society, threatening to kill Greek democracy.

And nobody outside of Greece seems to care.

Iran Claims Control of Strategic Waterway

Iran claims military dominance over the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of the world's oil passes. But the clerical fascist regime says it has no immediate plans to close the strategic waterway. Read more.

Appeasement of Iran and, worse, engagement of Iran (meaning, attempted alignment or collaboration) is making war inevitable--on Iran's terms. 

Experts Doubt N. Korean Shootout Story

Rumors of a deadly gunfight in Pyongyang are not being taken seriously by Western and Russian North Korea experts. Read more.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tax Haven Study Could Hurt Romney

A new study--click here to read it--which claims the "global super-rich" has hidden away at least $21 trillion in offshore tax havens could hurt Mitt Romney's Presidential bid by (a) refocusing attention on his offshore bank accounts and (b) fueling calls for the presumptive Republican candidate to reveal years of tax returns that are likely to include details of more wealth hoarded abroad. Read more.

Does the CCP Fear a PLA Coup?

Out of the barrel of a gun….

A campaign against "nationalization" of the military … articles in state media about a problem that seems invented … what does it all mean? Click here for the story.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Regarding the Colorado Midnight Movie Massacre

As the cries for stricter gun control laws grow louder in the wake of the Colorado movie theater massacre ("tragedy" seems stupid and offensive when describing mass murder),  it should be noted that there was a time in the United States, not all that long ago, relatively speaking, when male high school students in rural areas were allowed to bring their rifles and shotguns to school during hunting seasons. Really. This was true in Upstate New York during the 1950s and '60s (deer hunting) and in parts of Long Island (duck hunting) during the 1940s and even into the '50s--L. I. towns that are now densely populated suburbs of New York City. The boys kept their guns in their lockers in order to be able to go hunting after school before returning home.

And gun violence by students in these areas was nonexistent.

So it's true: people kill people, not guns.

People and entertainment, arguably, maybe mixed with drugs--meaning, a possible toxic cocktail that triggers something in certain disturbed individuals, sending them over the edge. Similar to the concept of a cancer-causing combination of environmental, food and individual health factors.

It is simply illogical to believe that isn't the case. Illogical to believe that a steady diet of ultra-violent images and fantasies, including fantasies of horrific urban violence and apocalyptic street fighting, communicated through movies and video games and, even, TV programs (we've come a long way from Dragnet and the Lone Ranger, Tonto) isn't having an awful, destabilizing effect on American society, above and beyond the obvious downgrading of the popular culture.

Accent on video games. As if in a mad scientist's experiment, legions of young men are being lured into intense, increasingly realistic, simulated warfare sessions that are clearly addictive for many players and could also be both brain-desensitizing and brain-stimulating. Numbing the mind to violence and actually causing the person to become violent. Training and triggering….

A sick society doesn't just happen. Something causes the sickness. And that something is not gun manufacturing. Should guns be kept out of the hands of crazies? Of course. Should ordinary people be allowed to buy extra-high-capacity, commando/SWAT-style ammunition clips for semiautomatic rifles and handguns? They should probably not be allowed to do that. Should there be more and better mental health screening and national investment in treatment and diagnosis. Certainly. A country that can afford to waste $3 trillion (and counting) on an unnecessary war in Iraq can afford to spend money on proper health and medical care (including Medicare for everyone, which is the norm in advanced, civilized societies).

But all that won't solve the problem. If anti-gun liberals (whose ignorance and fanaticism helped to drive middle and working class voters from the Democratic Party) want to get at the root cause of crazed gun violencethey should start by drilling deep into a bastion of liberalism--Hollywood. Its relentless output of spectacular, ultra-violence-themed entertainment is inexcusable.

Proposed plot for a Hollywood movie that will never be made: entertainment industry conglomerate has secretly been sitting on the research that proves that some people who are predisposed to violent behavior can be driven--practically programmed--to commit mass murder as a result of overexposure to ultra-violent movies and video games. But, instead of releasing the study and abandoning the business that is essentially killing people, the company uses the suppressed findings to make its games even more addictive.

Like Big Entertainment meets Big Tobacco.

Endnote: The massacre is also a terrible reminder of how vulnerable the U.S. is to low-tech terrorism.

Friday, July 20, 2012

N. Korea's Kim Planning Changes: Exclusive

North Korea's young dictator and his uncle purged the nation's top army officer to pave the way for change. Read more.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syrian Rebels Advancing Relentlessly

Syria's border posts are in rebel hands. Damascus is engulfed in warfare. The end seems near for Assad. Read more.

Is Romney Unelectable?

Question: The presumptive Republican candidate--a secretive, ultra-rich, dog-abusing cleric--is he unelectable?

Answer: Apparently, yes. On the one hand, Mitt Romney will most likely not be elected if he refuses to release at least six years of federal income tax returns. On the other hand, he most likely will not be elected if he releases the returns. Reason: the documents detail dirty business deals and interests--transactions and ties that are not necessarily illegal, but are certainly unethical and unseemly. 

Iran Preparing to Launch Global Terror War

Iran is preparing to launch a global terrorist offensive against the United States and Israel, including attacks inside the U.S. Read more.

Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe the scale and scope of these attacks, should they occur, will be unprecedented, possibly even surpassing the mega-attacks on New York and Washington by Al Qaeda (the Sunni Islamist terrorist group that Iran's Shiite regime supported before and after 9/11).  Not for nothing has Iran threatened to confront the U.S. in (or from) the Gulf of Mexico. Not for nothing has Iran test-fired cargo vessel-based ballistic missile launch systems. Not for nothing has Iran built up terrorist cells in Venezuela, acquired dual-use biotechnology from Cuba. Not for nothing is Iran defying the West and isolating itself by developing atomic arms--and ICBMs capable of carrying atomic warheads. Yet the appeasers still call for more diplomacy with the clerical fascist power. Perfidy!

Endnote: Iran might have already deployed a fleet of cargo ships capable of striking the U.S. homeland. The vessels could be carrying Russian-designed Scuds or Chinese Silkworm cruise missiles for easy launch from international waters. Some dry cargo ships can launch missiles from their holds; container ship can conceal missiles and launch mechanisms in innocent-looking shipping containers. Iran, as mentioned above, and North Korea have successfully test-fired Scuds from cargo ships;  and  the U.S. experimented with the technique in the early 1960s.

Seemingly civilian Iranian cargo ships could also be used for canister-launch of missiles, a technique that the Soviet Union developed during the Cold War. This involves placing a ballistic missile in a sealed tube and dropping it in the sea from the deck of a commercial vessel. The bottom of the tube, sealed off from the missile, is weighted with ballast to achieve a specific level of buoyancy to ensure that the nose of the missile points up just enough to barely break the sea’s surface. After an interval to allow the mother ship to move on--and maybe drop off other encapsulated missiles--the rockets could be remotely launched or fired by timers and guided to their targets by the ship's commercial GPS system.

Suicide Bomber Had Fake US Drivers License

Lanky, Long-Haired Man in Baseball Cap and Shorts

The bomber who blew up the bus in Bulgaria to kill Israeli tourists had a fake U.S. driver's license, issued in the state of Michigan. Read more.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Iran Plans to Attack Israel if Syrian Regime Falls

Argentina: New Proof Iran Behind 1994 Jewish Center Bombing

Prosecutors in Argentina have new proof that Iran was behind the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 84 people. Read more.

Bibi Blames Iran for Bulgaria Bus Bombing

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu is blaming Iran for the deadly bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. The Islamist regime has launched a global terrorist offensive, he says. Read more.

Foreign Confidential™ says: Iran is the new Nazi Germany. It is bent on destroying the Jewish State, willing and able to attack Jews worldwide, and developing atomic arms. The monstrous mullahocracy, which came to power with the aid and complicity of one of America's all-time worst Presidents, the catastrophic Jimmy Carter, should have been stopped a long time ago. Appeasement has only made war inevitable--on Iranian terms.

Syrian Security Establishment Wiped Out by Bomb

An explosion eliminated Syria's top defense and security officials. Clearly, a major blow to the regime; its end seems near. But it is still extremely dangerous, in possession of stockpiles of chemical weapons. Read more.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Global Jihad Moving into Syrian Area Bordering Israel

The IDF says the Syrian regime has moved its troops out of the Golan border area in order to defend Damascus against rebels, creating a vacuum that is being filled by Al Qaeda types. Read more.

Assad's Last Stand Seems at Hand

The Syrian regime has attempted a strategic retreat. The high command is preparing for the last battle of Damascus. A bloodbath looms. Read more.

On the Astonishing Slicing Up of Syria: Analysis

US Backing Muslim Brotherhood

Syria has replaced Lebanon the "go-to place" for internal, Arab world struggles. Damascus is at the forefront of a regional contest for power, Pinhas Inbari explains in another must-read analysis. A key excerpt:

The United States, Turkey and Qatar wish that the Muslim Brotherhood control post-Assad Syria. That is the reason why the body meant to lead the opposition – the Syrian National Council (SNC) – operates out of Turkey and is completely under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. France, on the other hand, is not enthusiastic about the prospect of the Brotherhood and prefers to promote the secular Syrian leadership that has long since found refuge in Paris. The former head of the SNC, Sorbonne Professor Burhan Galioun, a left-leaning Arab nationalist, recently lost his patron, President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Turkey and the United States have since had an easier time isolating him and nominating a Kurdish exile, Abd al-Baset Seedah, in his stead. 
Saudi Arabia, who, like France, dislikes the Muslim Brotherhood, would rather promote the Salafists, who are close to al-Qaeda. While the rush to promote the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is coming out of Turkey, the Saudis have been pushing the Salafists onto Syria from Lebanon. France has also tried to bolster its position in the region by giving shelter to Manaf Tlass, so far the most meaningful defector from Assad’s ranks. 
Astonishingly, none of the powers vying for regime change in Syria actually envisage a dramatic improvement over the government of Bashar al-Assad. Muslim Brotherhood rule in Syria will most likely result in the creation of a state akin to Sudan, or, at best, Tunisia. A Salafist takeover would produce the horrifying prospects of a new Afghanistan in the heart of the Levant.

Click here to read the entire essay. Inbari is a first-rate analyst.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

US Navy Ship Fires at Small Boat in Persian Gulf

One Person Reported Killed 10 Miles from Dubai Port

The mysterious incident happened about 10 miles from the Dubai port of Jebel Ali, the world's largest manmade port. The boat reportedly refused to stop its advance and ignored warnings and a warning shot. Read more.

Russia Accuses West of 'Blackmail' Over Syria

Russian resistance to sanctions … clashes creeping closer to the center of Damascus … read more….

Spain Boiling Over Leaders' Luxuries

Spain's political class is living large amid austerity; and the country is increasingly angry about the obvious injustice. Read more.

A Lost Land: Afghanistan in the 1950s and '60s

Iran Cracks Down on Coffee Shops

Iran's clerical fascist regime is cracking down on coffee shops, shutting the places popular with young men and women for being "immoral" and "un-Islamic." Read more.

Iran's long nightmare will end only when the regime is removed--from within or from without. 

North Korean Army Chief Removed from All Posts

North Korea's top military official (after the dictator) has been relieved of all posts--probably purged. Read more.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red Cross Calls Syrian Strife Civil War

Humanitarian Law Applies

As predicted, Syria is being consumed by a civil war. Humanitarian law applies across the country; the stage is set for foreign intervention. Read more

US Preparing to Prosecute Libor Crimes

The U.S. Justice Department is building criminal cases against banks in connection with the Libor rigging scandal. There will be arrests; bankers will be tried, convicted, and sent to prison. There will be civil suits, too. The estimated cost to the banking industry: tens of billions of dollars. Read more.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tribute to Israeli Special Forces

Israel Has Over 40 Elite Combat Units 

Iran Again Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz

Iran today again threatened to close the strategic, slender waterway through which about 20% of the world's oil passes. Read more.

Carville Says US Middle Class 'Hit by a Truck'

James Carville says America's middle class faces a "humanitarian crisis,"  comparing the plight of ordinary American workers to a patient with pneumonia getting "hit by a truck." Read more.

He's right, of course; and Romney, if elected, will make matters much worse. The presumptive Republican candidate is America's wannabe austerian-in-chief, a selfish, mean-sporited hypocrite whose candidacy brings shame on his party and nation.

Must View Video: The Remarkable Reemergence of Nigerian Jewry

Read more….

Is Washington Accepting 'Muslim World' View of Israel?

The Obama administration is accelerating Israel's isolation, a policy begun under the first Bush administration, to the point of excluding the Jewish State from the list of terrorism's victims, in accord with organized Islamic/Islamist ideology. Click here to read Diana West's analysis.

Outrage Over Regime Massacre in Syrian Sunni Village

What activists are calling the worst of three large-scale massacres in Syria since late May is sparking widespread outrage, with U.N. envoy Kofi Annan singling out the Syrian government for the violence and the opposition demanding swift international action. Mark Snowiss and Edward Yeranian report for VOA.

With unusual candor, Annan Friday blamed government forces and armed militiamen backed by tanks and helicopters for slaughtering as many as 220 people in the Sunni farming village of Tremseh, in rebellious Hama province.

Condemning what he called "atrocities" and voicing shock at the "intense fighting, significant casualties and the confirmed use of heavy weaponry," Annan said the Syrian government had violated its commitments to the peace plan he brokered in April.

Rebel backers claim the attack on Thursday was the worst single act of violence since the country's revolt against President Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood also blamed Assad for the reported massacre and what it called Syria's foreign backers, including Russia, Iran and Annan. Protests broke out in multiple cities across Syria Friday, with demonstrators condemning the killings in Tremseh.

Syrian state media blamed the massacre on dozens of terrorists who overran Tremseh, killing and wounding dozens of civilians. It said the attackers "ransacked, destroyed and burned scores of houses" before "competent authorities" arrived.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that credible reports provided indisputable evidence that the regime deliberately murdered innocent civilians.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the massacre casts "serious doubts" on Syrian President Assad's commitment to a U.N. backed peace plan.

UN Debates New Sanctions

Report of the massacre comes as the U.N. Security Council debates imposing tough new sanctions on Syria.  Russia has once again threatened to veto any sanctions.

The White House said further "atrocities" in Syria by Assad's government should end any doubts on the need for a coordinated international response at the United Nations.

The Syrian National Council, the country's main exiled opposition group, called on the Security Council to "assume total responsibility to protect defenseless Syrians against these shameful crimes."

At a news conference in Istanbul, opposition leader Abdel Basset Syeda said responsibility for the massacre goes to the Syrian government's ally Russia, which he says has become "part of the conflict." Friendly nations, Syeda said, must "move from words to action" and "show real friendship."

Call for Action

Syeda said the Syrian opposition is sending a delegation to the U.N. to press for quick action.

Middle East analyst Nadim Shehadi of Chatham House in London told VOA that it is a mistake for the international community to wait.

"Non-intervention bears a higher cost than intervention," he said. "It is wrong to wait for a massacre that is big enough to trigger an intervention. The international community, by not protecting the civilians, are turning what was originally a non-violent revolt against the regime into a civil war."

Rafif Jouejati, a spokeswoman for the Local Coordination Committees, an activist group with members throughout Syria, said the death toll from Thursday's attack could rise higher as more casualties are confirmed. She says a "consistent pattern" has emerged, where each attempt by the international community to reach a political solution in Syria is met by the Damascus government with a calculated escalation in violence.

Another activist group, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said it has confirmed the names of 63 people killed in the attack on Thursday, and expects the final toll to be far higher.

VOA cannot confirm events on the ground in Syria because the government severely restricts access for international journalists.

The Revolution Leadership Council of Hama said Tremseh was first shelled, then invaded by pro-government militiamen of Assad's Alawite sect, who swept in and killed victims one by one. It said some civilians were killed while trying to flee.

Multiple reports quoting activists and witnesses said a convoy of vehicles from nearby Alawite villages surrounded Tremseh early Thursday. Militiamen then blockaded the settlement and began randomly firing on houses as a helicopter flew overhead. Electricity and telephone lines were cut. Bodies were later recovered from fields, private homes and the nearby Orontes River.

The previous largest massacre in Syria took place in nearby Houla, when 108 men, women and children were killed on May 25--the vast majority of them executed, according to a United Nations report. In June, it took U.N. monitors two days to reach the site of an alleged massacre of 78 people shot, stabbed or burned alive in the Sunni hamlet of Mazraat al-Qubeir by pro-government shabiha militiamen.

Most Assad loyalists--including the shabiha--are minority Alawites, who form a branch of Shi'ite Islam. The street protesters and fighters behind the uprising are mostly Sunni Muslims.

Activist groups have put the death toll in the 16-month-old conflict at more than 17,000 people.

Friday, July 13, 2012

French Automaker Slashing 8,000 Jobs

More Cuts Coming

In France, too, workers are being discarded like so much garbage. Read more.

Dennis Kucinich Explains Why Libor is Important

Millions of Consumers Paid Wrong (Rigged) Interest Rate

Syria Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons

Syria is taking stockpiles of chemical warheads out of storage. Read more.

Spain Reverting to Naked Repression

Will this Pass?

Savage spending cuts, police brutality, worsening unemployment … Spain is in a vicious downward spiral as intensifying austerity is turning a recession into a depression with no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel. Franco's ghost--the fascist specter--walks the land. Read more

NY Fed Knew Libor Rigged in 2007

The Libor rigging scandal is … incredible.

Who knew what, when?

A Congressional probe is needed.

Read more.

Krugman on the Two 'Impossible' Endings of the Euro Crisis

MI6 Chief Says Iran Two Years from Nuclear Weapons

Wakeup Call from Head of Britain's Secret Front Line of National Security

Unless it is stopped, Iran will get the bomb by 2014, according to Britain's spy chief, who credits Her Majesty's Secret Service with dramatically slowing Iran's atomic advance. Read more.

The free world must not allow Iran to become a nuclear weapons state

Egypt Close to Economic Collapse

Chaos as Clerical Fascist President and Army Fight for Control

Hosni Mubarak's overthrow has been a disaster for Egypt's economy, which is close to collapsing. Read more.

Secular reformers, social democrats and other progressives, Nasserites … all these elements have been shoved to the side or suppressed as the junta and the Islamists, including the Hitler-admiring Muslim Brotherhood and its openly pro-Al Qaeda rivals, the bearded fanatics known as Salafists, struggle for power in the Arab world's most populous nation.

Related: Clinton Set to Embrace Egypt's Islamist Leader

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Geithner Knew About Libor Rate Rigging in 2008

Regarding the London interbank rate rigging scandal, what did Geithner know, when did he know it? Read more.

Scandal: Romney Lied About China Outsourcing

The presumptive Republican candidate invested millions in a Chinese firm that benefitted from U.S. outsourcing--more specifically, in a firm that essentially stole American jobs. He was a ground floor investor in the company that went public through an IPO. Read more.

Related: Romney Also Invested in Chinese Outsourcing Through His Bermuda Company

Scandal: Ugly US Olympic Uniforms Made in China

Not only are the uniforms ugly and ridiculously expensive--e.g. the men's blazers retail for $800 apiece--the designer logo-emblazoned costumes are made in China. Read more.

Seemingly Senile Senator Hails Libyan Election

The failed, 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate and seemingly senile U.S. Senator, Arizona's John McCain, has hailed the absurd Libyan election. Read more.

In fact, the West and its fawning media outlets are supporting the NATO-installed Islamist (clerical fascist) regime because it is committed to privatizing (piratizing) Libyan companies.

So it goes.

Romney Nativist Policy Threatens Irish and Latinos

Turns out, Romney is an equal opportunity bigot. His "self-deportation" plan would affect Irish, Canadian and European as well as Latino immigrants. Read more.

Romney Haunted by 1994 Ads on Bain Plundering

Europeans Appalled by Exceptional American Criminality

Penn State Rape and Coverup Disgusts Educated Foreigners

A so-called American university was a haven for rape and molestation. Read more.

Romney's Apparent Racism Becoming an Issue

The presumptive candidate of the austerity-obsessed Republican Party, hijacked by extremists, is a mean-spirited, cowardly plutocrat--a man who demonstrated in favor of the Vietnam War draft knowing that he could and would claim a Mormon missionary exemption. But is he a racist to boot? Click here for the story.

Greek Unemployment Hits Record High

What austerity has wrought--click here for the story.

Romney Under Fire for Lying About Bain Exit Date

Mitt Romney, the offshoring candidate with offshore bank accounts, is again under fire--this time, for lying to the American people. His controversial private equity firm's filings with the SEC say that he stayed on years longer than he has led people to believe as sole owner, CEO and chairman of the firm, Bain Capital. The Romney campaign counters that the filings are mere technicalities. Baloney. Anyone who knows anything about securities law and reporting to the SEC understands the importance of such filings--and the potential consequences for making misleading or false statements. Full disclosure is the bedrock principle of U.S. securities law. Read more.

In fairness to Romney, he might have assumed that as a cleric (a bishop in the Mormon church) he effectively had a license to lie. Many clerics of all organized religions believe that they are empowered by the Almighty to lie (and commit crimes) in order to achieve a greater good or fulfill a divine plan.

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Columnist Asks: Can Diplomacy Succeed With Iran, Syria?

Click here to read the column in the Washington Post.

This reporter's view: there is still time for diplomacy to succeed with Syria--meaning, make a deal with Russia and China in order to end the bloodshed and prevent sectarian cleansing in Syria--but not with Iran. In fact, sitting down with Russia and China on Syria could prevent the coming conflict with Iran from being fought on its terms--which could be catastrophic for the United States and Israel and other U.S. allies.

Syria could and should be split into autonomous cantons under a politically neutral federal state with compensation to Russian firms for loss of $1 billion in annual arms sales and assured maintenance of Moscow's Tartus naval facility.

But Iran is another story. There is no diplomatic solution to the problem of a rising, clerical fascist power that is bent on overturning the status quo, starting with destroying Israel and driving the United States from the Middle East. Iran cannot be appeased, just as Nazi Germany could not be appeased--its imperialist foreign policy was not driven by the need to obtain this or that piece of land, contrary to what European and American appeasers and traitors preached in the years leading up to World War II--and containment will be impossible if the Islamist regime is, God forbid, allowed to acquire atomic arms.

Harvard Trained Spanish Economist Slams 'Traitor's Deal'

David Lizoain writes:

Soon newspapers will be reporting that Spain has finally requested a bailout for its financial sector, which will be accompanied by very strict conditionality. Strict is an understatement. The terms agreed in the leaked Memorandum amount to an unconditional surrender. The Troika will be given free rein to impose its agenda. The Spanish government has betrayed its citizens. In exchange for this sacrifice of sovereignty, all Spaniards are promised in return is unending sacrifice. Never mind that this has already been tried and has failed miserably elsewhere. 
When we read in the press that “Spain is being bailed out,” remember that they are obliged to observe certain norms of propriety. Imagine a more vulgar term, and obtain a clearer picture of the Spanish reality. Today we get cuts to unemployment benefits, cuts to pensions, a raise in the VAT, etc. Tomorrow will bring more of the same, just worse. These endless, self-defeating cuts are not a growth strategy. The Spanish Memorandum is an immoral document that will be impossible to implement. The whole exercise is pointless, which makes it all the more tragic. Millions of lives are being ruined on account of immense stupidity. More children will be going hungry and more adults will be living in the street in order to bailout a reckless financial sector.

Read more.

Spanish Cops Fire Rubber Bullets at Protesting Coal Miners

Click here for background.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greek Government Promises to Boost Piratization

Like shock and awe, austerity is working for the financial elite that is bent on privatizing--code for piratizing--the public sector. Read more.

Greece is merely a test case, an example of what lies in store for the rest of Europe if the austerians, led by the German chancellor, are not stopped. The outline of their project has been clear for a while: a massive economic … and political … restructuring of European societies, including an unprecedented upward transfer of wealth that will further enrich the elites, permanently pauperize the middle and working classes and more or less exterminate the poor. The power that organized labor still has (much more in Europe than in the United States, where unions have almost been eliminated) is slated for crushing in order to create conditions closer to those found in developing nations. All this is being done under the twin banners of fiscal reform and global competitiveness.

Taliban Running Parallel Disinformation and Terror Offensives


The clerical fascist (Islamist) Taliban, a movement that should have been annihilated after 9/11 by any and all means necessary (including use of tactical nuclear weapons), appears to be conducting parallel disinformation and terror offensives. On the one hand, an anonymous Taliban "leader" is condemning Al Qaeda, calling it a "plague," and conceding--clearly for Western consumption--that Afghanistan's medieval monsters are not capable of recapturing the country's capital. On the other hand, the Islamist group, which was created by Pakistan, is carrying out gruesome public executions, such as the shooting to death of a 22-year-old Afghan woman accused of adultery (considered a crime under barbaric Islamic law). Read more.

The Taliban leader's reported comments are certainly suspicious. Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe the interview with the barbarian was staged to support Washington's perfidious policy of engagement (code for collaboration and appeasement). The Obama administration and its European allies are committed to aligning with the Taliban, which harbored and aided Al Qaeda before and after 9/11, and practically all Islamist groups, apart from Al Qaeda and its closest affiliates. Sunni Islamism is in favor in Washington; Shiite Islamism (Iranian regime and Hezbollah) is out of favor--for now. The Obama administration has no real interest in an Iranian revolution that would sweep away the clerical fascist filth for once and all; instead, Obama and his advisers are aiming for Iranian reform--meaning, a new and improved Islamist system run by so-called moderate mullahs. Under Obama (of "the Muslim World") the United States has become the world's leading backer of oxymoronic moderate radical (rightwing political) Islam.


Clashes in Damascus and Aleppo; at Least Nine Dead

The sectarian strife is spreading in Syria, with regime troops and rebels clashing in the capital itself. Read more.

Spain Slashing and Squeezing, Cutting and Crushing

Draconian spending cuts during a recession/depression. Spain's economy is being run from Brussels. Public discontent is rising. Read more.

Case for European Banking Union Likely to Fall on Deaf Ears

Absent radical reform, there is no cause for optimism regarding the euro. Read more.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Egypt's High Court Backs Army

Egypt's high court has overturned the Islamist president's decree to reconvene parliament. Read more.

Greek Neo-Nazis Targeting Immigrants

What German austerity has wrought in Greece: the neo-Nazi party is stepping up attacks on immigrants, violence is intensifying, democracy is threatened. Read more.

Krugman: Euro Can but Probably Won't be Saved

Nobel Prize-winning Economist and New York Times columnist and bestselling author Paul Krugman says the Euro can be saved. However, he doubts that will happen. The common currency seems doomed. Read more.

North Korea's Kim Having Affair With Married Woman

North Korea's leader is carrying on a love affair with a married female singer, Hyon-Song-wol. The dictatorship's idea of a pop star, she is responsible for a string of hits, including Footsteps of Soldiers, I Love Pyongyang, We are Troops of the Party, and Excellent Horse-Like Lady. Read more.

Egyptian Parliament Convenes

Defiant Move by Muslim Brotherhood 

A "huge power struggle" is underway in the Arab world's most populous nation. Read more.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Chavez Claims He's Cancer-Free

Venezuela's Iran-allied, anti-American strongman Hugo Chavez claims he is free of cancer following treatments in Cuba. Read more.

Foreign Confidential™ sources in Caracas say Chavez underwent repeated cycles of shark cartilage therapy in Cuba. The controversial therapy is based on a theory that the cartilage contains a protein molecule that inhibits the rapid development of blood vessels, known as angiogenesis, which is essential for tumor growth.

Spain Braces for Savage Spending Cuts

Austerity is destroying Spain's economy. The government's answer: more austerity. Read more.

Greek Government Failing

Nation Rocked by Official's Resignation 

Greece's collaborationist (pro-German austerity) coalition government is cracking, as expected. Read more.

Egypt's Islamist President Defies Army

Push Coming to Shove? 

A showdown looms in Egypt. The Islamist President has ordered the country's recently dissolved parliament to reconvene on Tuesday. Read more

If the Islamists win this round it will be the first big, post-election step on the long march toward remaking the Egyptian military in the Muslim Brotherhood's image. Following the Turkish model (which the Obama administration has hailed), the MB plans to purge generals, arrest and accuse officers of plotting coups, install political commissars and spies, etc. until the group's goal is achieved--an Islamized military. 

Egypt's intelligence services are slated for cleansing and remaking, as well; and, assuming it can hold onto power, the MB may also copy a page from Islamist Iran's Hitlerian playbook and create an elite, SS/IRGC-like force--and a parallel paramilitary organization--above the regular army. Egypt is on the way to becoming to another Iran, owing in large measure to the Obama administration's odious policy of engaging (appeasing and collaborating with) radical (rightwing political) Islam, apart, of course, from  Al Qaeda and its affiliates. 

Cairo is the new Tehran--and Obama is the new Carter.

Endnote: The Islamists have won in Egypt. But, just as the Nazis in Germany had their internal conflicts, their left and right wings, the Egyptian Islamists are divided between the MB and the openly pro-Al Qaeda Salafists, as this article explains. An important, overlooked point: Saudi Arabia supports the Salafists, seeing the bearded fanatics as ultimately more pliable because, unlike the MB, they are not wedded to the parliamentary structures and Islamic republic concepts that the Saudi rulers regard as threatening (for good reason). 

Understanding the Euro Crisis

As the Eurozone "stumbles from summit to summit," it becomes increasingly clear that there is a systemic crisis, rooted in design flaws--as if the monetary union was engineered to fail. Austerity is only making matters worse--the medicine is poisoning the patient. Read more.

Youth Unemployment Plagues Poland

The outlook for youth employment in Poland is negative. Massive unemployment, underemployment, and poorly paid employment--the problems persist with no cause for optimism. Read more.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Proposed Credo for Truly Progressive Pundits and Activists

In September 1939, after the outbreak of World War II, the Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion defined his political stance in what became one of his most famous pronouncements and the motto of Palestine's pre-independence Jewish community for many years. Addressing the need to both support the British army and oppose Britain's perfidious White Paper--the policy of Neville Chamberlain's pro-appeasement government that less than four months earlier, on the eve of the Nazi onslaught, had severely restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine--Ben-Gurion, who would go on to become reborn Israel's first Prime Minister, declared: "We will fight [against] the White Paper as if there is no war, and fight the war as if there is no White Paper."

Today, as Hitler's clerical fascist (Islamist) admirers advance and plot and plan democracy's doom in the name of religion, while globalizing financial elites strive to dismantle social services, crush what remains of organized labor's power, and pauperize the middle and working classes under cover of fiscal reform, effectively waging a vicious class war that also threatens democracy's survival, there is an urgent need for a new, Ben-Gurion-like credo, one that truly progressive pundits and activists should have no problem embracing. Suggested text appears below. 

We will resist and speak out against austerity (savage spending cuts in a depression) as if there is no war with radical (rightwing political) Islam and resist and speak out against engagement (appeasement of and attempted alignment with radical Islam) as if there is no austerity. 

Shocking but true! It is possible to oppose both the Republicans' unprecedented, upward transfer of wealth and the Democratic administration's deadly downgrading of the war against Islamism--i.e. the narrowing of the definition of the Islamist enemy to include just Al Qaeda and its affiliates. It is possible, in spite of the way mainstream media outlets in the United States report and comment on--that is to say, slant--the news, to oppose both rightwing economic policies and appeasement of rightwing political Islam, to believe in both the need for a massive, job-creating stimulus, say, or national health insurance (Medicare with no minimum age requirement), and the importance of maintaining a strong national defense. Astonishingly, there was a time, before their respective parties were taken over by appeasers and austerians, when nearly all Democrats--and many Republicans--would have agreed with the preceding sentences and the above, proposed credo. (Seems like ancient history, that time, when Senators like "Scoop" Jackson and Jacob Javits were revered and influential.)

For that matter, it is possible to support the necessary use of force against an adversary such as Iran that, like Nazi Germany in the 1930s, cannot be appeased because it aims to overturn the status quo, and to oppose unnecessary foreign interventions--e.g. the Iraq and Vietnam wars--that bleed and drain and divide our nation and actually result in weakening, rather than safeguarding and strengthening, our national security.

Iran is the new Nazi Germany, Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler, Islamism is the new fascism.

And austerity is the new Hooverism.

What America desperately needed in 2008 was a new FDR. Instead, it elected a new Jimmy Carter.

Sadly, there is no cause for optimism. Voters in 2012 will have to chose between the lesser of two evils; but that does not mean that everyone with a magazine or newspaper column, or a TV or radio platform … or a lowly blog … has to follow a particular party line and stop thinking, writing and speaking out critically and logically about the most important issues of the day.

Endnotes: (1) The Zionist leader Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, regarded as a right-winger because of his opposition to socialism, believed in the basic welfare state model--including universal health care/national health insurance. (2) The preeminent American political scientist, Hans JMorgenthau, considered the father of classical political realism, opposed the Vietnam War, branding it an unnecessary intervention and a fatally flawed attempt to extend the successful Cold War policy of containment--which he strongly supported in order to counter the Soviet threat to Western Europe--to a contested region of the Third World. In contrast with the leaders and ideologues of the New Left, Morgenthau never stooped to apologizing for, let alone supporting or even sympathizing with, Communist North Vietnam's totalitarian regime. He was a brilliant, dedicated analyst of--and advocate for--the U.S. national interest.

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Azerbaijan Says Newspaper Editor Spied for Iran Since 1992

Charged with treason and other crimes, including heroin possession, an Azeri newspaper editor from a region that borders Iran could be jailed for life. Read more.

Hamas Likely to Hijack Palestinian Protest Movement

Disaster! Palestinian-controlled West Bank areas are likely to follow the Egyptian script. Read more.

London Anti-Terror Police Arrest Seventh Suspect

Islamists suspected of planning a major attack on London. Read more.

Sunni Islamism Gaining from Syrian Strife

Civil War Spills Over

Syria's sectarian strife is spilling over into neighboring Lebanon. Sunni Lebanese Islamists are opposing Shiite Lebanese Islamists--meaning, of course, Hezbollah, the main Arab proxy of non-Arab Iran's Shiite Islamist mullahocracy--over Hezbollah's support for the secular, Iran-backed Syrian regime. Read more.

Assad Still Confident as West Woos Tlass Clan

Sunni General's Departure Highlights Alawitization of Army

Syria's embattled dictator, still confident of ultimate victory, incredibly, is purging the country's military and intelligence agencies, appointing and promoting Alawites over Sunnis. Assad has alienated the powerful heads of the Tlass clan, who have long served the regime, are known to have strong ties to Russia--and are now being courted by the U.S. and Assad's Arab enemies. Intrigue abounds. Read more.

Russia Calls 'Friends of Syria' Immoral 
Will Sectarian Cleansing Follow Syria's Splitting? 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Israel Preparing Population for Possible Lebanon War

Israel is again signaling that World War II (rather than CNN) rules of engagement will apply if Hezbollah bombards Israeli cities and towns with missiles. Read more.

Clinton Slams Russia, China Over Syria

Reset? The opposite is happening. Obsessed with replacing Syria's secular dictatorship with another "Islamic democracy"--that is to say, a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government--the Obama administration is escalating a war of words with Moscow and Beijing over their support for the Syrian regime. Read more.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Saudis Buying Chinese Nuclear-Capable Missiles

Saudi Arabia is buying Chinese missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads that Riyadh can buy "at any time" from Pakistan. Click below for the video report.

Top Barclay's Officials Resign Over Rate Rigging

Scandal, housecleaning … and a showdown nears as evidence is exposed, wrongdoing probed. Read more.

Prolonged Power Outage Overshadows US Independence Day

No Quick Fix; Nation's Aging Infrastructure Increasingly Vulnerable 

America's aging power lines need to be replaced, buried; but the cost seems staggeringly high. So prolonged power outages and life-threatening, economically devastating blackouts are accepted as inevitable. Read more.

An electrical transmission and distribution system that was largely built from the 1930s to the '70s must be upgraded--without crushing ordinary people and businesses with soaring energy costs--if the United States is to avoid slipping into Third World conditions. But the likelihood of a solution--massive government spending on infrastructure at home instead of on unnecessary interventions abroad--is slim at best in the Age of Austerity.

Will Sectarian Cleansing Accompany Syria's Splitting?

Syria is in the process of splitting into cantons along ethnic divides. Will massacres be part of the process? An experienced observer argues that sectarian cleansing--slaughter of thousands of civilians--is inevitable absent international intervention. Read more.

Comment: Syria need not follow the Lebanese script. Nor must it follow the Libyan script. The United States and Russia have the power to manage a solution that ends the bloodshed. Political neutrality should be on the agenda for serious consideration--a federal Syrian state made up of autonomous cantons. International peacekeepers will probably be needed. But there is a difference between peacekeepers and the so-called humanitarian intervention that replaced the Libyan regime (which no longer threatened the West) with an Islamist one.

Secular Palestinian Leadership in Danger of Losing Out to Hamas

The secular nationalist PA is increasingly in danger of being swept away by Islamist Hamas, and the Israeli government is doing little to prevent this (nightmare) from happening, according to a critical analysis. Click here to read it.

UN Says N. Korea Still Violating Sanctions

A long-awaited UN report says North Korea continues to defy sanctions by importing luxury goods for its ruling elite (while the masses starve) and attempting to sell arms to Syria. Read more.

Monday, July 02, 2012

New Hk Leader Promises to 'Humbly' Listen After Protest

A defiant reception for Hong Kong's controversial new leader--a street demonstration that drew tens of thousands of protestors. Click here for the story.

Kim Jong-Il Ordered Uranium and Plutonium Weapons

Japan is reported to have obtained a North Korean regime document that supposedly confirms that Dear Leader ordered massive production of both uranium- and plutonium-based nuclear weapons. Read more.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Iran Threatens to 'Wipe Israel Off the Face of the Earth'

Iran announced new missile tests and again threatened Israel with annihilation. Read more.

PRI Claims Victory in Mexico's Presidential Election

Everything Old is New Again

The PRI, which ran Mexico for 71 years until losing power in 2000, has claimed victory in the country's presidential election. Read more.

Hezbollah Could Target Cargo Ships

Israel is concerned that in a future war with Iranian proxy Hezbollah the Lebanese Islamist terrorist group could target cargo ships in an attempt to blockade the Jewish State. Read more.

A Tribute to Yitzhak Shamir, 'Man of Steel'

Ehud Olmert on the remarkable life and heroism of Yitzhak Shamir. Click here to read the essay.

Al Qaeda Plans to Blow Up Jet Ahead of Olympics: Report

Western security services have reportedly unearthed an Al Qaeda plot to blow up a passenger jet in the run-up to the London Summer Olympic Games. A Norwegian convert to Islam is said to be the suicide bomber tasked with destroying the aircraft. Read more.

Romney Could Win With Ultimate Flip-Flop

A Modest Proposal for Republican Victory in 2012

Set forth below is a modest proposal for how the Obamacare-hating Mitt Romney, a moderate, Massachusetts Republican-turned-vicious, rightwing austerian, could win the White House this November. 

The presumptive GOP candidate, who gave his state Romneycare, the health insurance program on which the much maligned Obamacare is clearly based, simply needs to come out strongly for replacing Obamacare with Medicare--for everyone.

Medicare is an extremely successful and popular federal program that guarantees access to health insurance for Americans ages 65 and older and younger people with disabilities as well as people with end-stage renal disease. All that is needed is to amend the existing law in order to be able to accurately modify and end the preceding sentence with the words "all Americans." 

That's what the American people really want--universal Medicare with access to supplemental insurance costing, say, $200 a year, as per the present program, and the option, of course, for rich and super-rich citizens to add premium, private insurance products that could provide them with luxury hospital suites, physician house calls, private jet airlifts for facelifts and emergency Botox injections, whatever. 

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World Powers Agree and Disagree on Syria

Situation Clear as Mud

World powers meeting in Geneva agreed on a Syrian peace plan; but the United States and Russia immediately disagreed on a key point--the fate of the Syrian dictator. Read more.

Iran Says it Will Deploy Subs in Caspian Sea

Iran says it plans to deploy "light submarines" in the Caspian Sea. Read more.