Friday, January 11, 2013

Al Qaeda Gaining in Libya and Sinai

More than 3 Decades After Israeli Withdrawal, Sinai is an AQ Base

Al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamists--the group that killed the U.S. ambassador--control large parts of Benghazi and eastern Libya. The United States seems to be leaving the Islamists alone and looking the other way as they smuggle arms via Islamist-dominated Egypt to Al Qaeda terrorists in Sinai who have turned the triangular peninsula, which Israel returned to Egypt in the 1979 peace treaty between the countries, into an important base of operations. Read more.

Having effectively narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda alone, the Obama administration engaged, encouraged and collaborated with an array of Islamist governments and groups, including the Libyan killers, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban elements, Turkey's Islamist regime, and Islamists seeking to take over Syria. But even the war against Al Qaeda, which Obama has prosecuted with aggressive drone strikes, shows signs of being wound down--by Washington. It boggles the mind that Al Qaeda, which should have been obliterated in Afghanistan within days of 9/11, is alive and well in 2013--in Sinai--and that the group is infiltrating Gaza, the Hamas-run mini-state that was, like Sinai, administered by Israel following its stunning victory over Gaza's former occupier, Egypt, in the defensive Six-Day War that Israel fought with Egypt, Syria and Jordan in June 1967.

Al Qaeda in … Sinai.

Where's the outrage?