Saturday, January 19, 2013

Algeria Attack Shows Al Qaeda Strength in Africa

Islamist Terror Group Establishing Bases and Cells Across Continent 

The outrageous attack on the Algerian LNG plant highlights Al Qaeda's growing strength in Africa. Contrary to the Obama administration's absurd, pre-election claims, the clerical fascist terrorist monster was not "decimated" by drone strikes. The remote-controlled attacks merely degraded Al Qaeda's leadership. Click here for the story.

 Click here to read about the Obama administration's utterly failed Mali strategy; and here, to read about Obama's unfolding isolationism--his disinclination to cooperate closely with allies in the global struggle against radical Islam--which is becoming his signature policy. 

That self-described "progressives" support what is essentially a pro-Islamist policy--a policy of  engaging (collaborating with) supposed moderate clerical fascists--boggles the mind. Not since the appeasement of Nazi Germany and the defense of the Hitler-Stalin pact by European and American Communists have Western intellectuals and leaders been so dangerously wrong, so lost--and so craven. 

It comes down to this: more than 11 years and four months since Al Qaeda slaughtered some 3,000 Americans on American soil--in the worst-ever attack on the United States--the terrorist organization is not only alive and well but actually expanding its reach and influence across the globe.

Why? How can that be?

Why is there still an Islamist threat to humanity?

The answers are painfully clear. There is still an Islamist threat because, first of all, the Bush administration inexplicably failed to obliterate Al Qaeda and the Taliban within days of 9/11. Bush should have immediately asked Congress for a formal declaration of war against Al Qaeda and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, which harbored and aided the terrorist group, and all Islamist governments and organizations on earth.

Congress would surely have complied with the President's request.

Then, with the whole world watching, the United States should have used any and all weapons necessary--including tactical nuclear weapons--to destroy both the Islamist regime and terrorists in Afghanistan and the monstrous mullahocracy in Iran.

At the same time, Washington should have given green lights to its Arab allies, led by Egypt, to uproot and eradicate the Islamist menace for once and all; and Israel should have been given the green light to wipe out Hitlerian Hamas and Hezbollah.

The U.S. should have threatened Taliban-and-Al Qaeda-supporting Pakistan to immediately dismantle its nuclear arsenal--or risk thermonuclear annihilation.

Saudi Arabia? Its oil-rich tyrants should have been brought into line--at gunpoint. Saudi nationals visiting or residing in the U.S. without diplomatic immunity should have been detained and interrogated. Instead, they were secretly airlifted home to their terrorist-funding-and-exporting kingdom--a country with no civil or human rights--at a time when all U.S. civil aviation had been banned and even U.S. Senators could not travel by air.

In short, there should have been a true, World War II-like response to the sneak attack. World War II rules of engagement--not CNN rules--should have been applied.

The U.S. response should have been swift--and merciless.

And the U.S. should have forged wartime alliances with Russia and China, which were also battling Islamist terrorists--domestic jihadists seeking to carve out separate sharia states. (The Islamist threats to Russia and China persist; but the U.S. has been strangely unsympathetic, preferring to lecture Moscow and Beijing on human rights, even when it comes to fighting Islamist terrorists, and sticking with hoary policies that reinforce suspicions by Russian and Chinese leaders that Washington still believes it can ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it.)

None of that happened.

Bush declared war on a tactic--terrorism--instead of on an enemy, radical/rightwing political Islam.

The U.S. didn't destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban--it dislodged the bastards. Instead of ending the Iranian threat, Bush stupidly attacked, invaded and occupied Iraq, a contained, secular enemy that had no meaningful Islamist ties and no connection with 9/11.

The Iraq war ruined America--and created an Iranian satellite.

In 2008, with the "War on Terror" dragging on with no end to it in sight, and with the U.S. in the grip of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, an exhausted American electorate embraced the Anti-Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, who, after taking office, physically bowed to the Saudi monarch in the context of an odious outreach to what he insisted on calling "the Muslim World" (the term itself a concession to Islamist ideology) and a global apology tour for alleged American sins and misdeeds.

Obama escalated the drone program and authorized and presided over the successful killing of Al Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden … while narrowing the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda alone. Except for the organization and its closes affiliates, all Islamists are deemed all right to engage by the Obama administration (and a fawning mediaocracy).

Obama tried to "engage" Iran; rebuffed by the atomic ayatollah and his manic-in-chief, Obama turned to Turkey, siding with its Islamist regime, ignoring--or supporting--its alarming vision of a restored Ottoman Empire.

Obama engaged Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and assisted its takeover of the world's most populous Arab country by betraying and abandoning its pro-American president Hosni Mubarak, who had cooperated closely with the CIA's war on Al Qaeda and had for three decades preserved his country's peace treaty with Israel. U.S. involvement in Mubarak's ouster recalled the catastrophic Carter administration's complicity in the overthrow of Iran's modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Obama also needlessly intervened in Libya's civil war--on the side of Islamists who subsequently killed an American ambassador--and stirred up an Islamist uprising in Syria.

Libya's fall led to the Islamist takeovers of the Sinai Peninsula and northern Mali, and to the hostage crisis in Algeria.